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  1. "duh" Thanks for the english lesson. I'm aware of the jumper option, but the thread asks if it runs 16x speed, I stated it does not and then reponded to his question of what cooler might work.
  2. I used the HR-05 sli with a 70 mm fan and dropped down to 35C from 50C, simply amazing difference. I tried to mount it so the cooler was above the video card (top 16x slot)but it wouldnt fit with my zalman cpu cooler, so I mounted it below the vid card (still in top 16x slot). I had to bend the cooler back slightly where it bends but now it doesnt contact the video card at all and runs fine. I tried moving the vid card down to the bottom 16x slot but Nvidia control panel showed it at 2x speed so I moved it back up.
  3. Having pretty much the same troubles as you, so my thread http://www.diy-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=78690 Im going to try and upgrade to an OCZ 700 watt psu and hope this fixes it.It only started giving me trouble hen I upgraded to a dual -core. How long have you had your dual core installed before this problem started? Try a google search for cold boot bug DFI nf4 and see what you get, sounds like you may have it also unless your psu is dying.
  4. Tried the power button and keyboard idea with no fix. I do think that after searching the internet I have the cold boot bug, need to take computer to a doctor hehe. I ordered an OCZ700watt psu as I read that this fixed it for one individual, although I am surprised that the PC&C 610watt wouldnt be enough, the difference between the 2 psu's is the amperage on the 3 volt rail is higher for OCZ, maybe thi will work. Anyway I can put the computer into standby mode from Windows and have no problem waking it up so if this new psu doent work i'll stick with using standby mode from now on as I dont want to RMA the board. Thanks for all the input, ill post next week after I insall the new psu to update if this fixes the problem.
  5. Voltes love the pic of Ming! Awsome movie, wonder how many know of its existence sings...."Flash...Ahhhh..ahhhhh...he can save everyone one of us"
  6. Ok I enabled memtest in bios and ran through the 10 tests without any errors. The pattern that I am seeing here is that the initial boot up after pugging in the psu and turning the psu switch on is fine, but when I power down then try to power up is when I have problems, i think some sort of cold boot bug ive been reading on the internet and this forum. IF I unplug the power supply for 10 seconds or greater then rehook up I can get a bright amber LED up near the DIMM slots and power up fine. I can repeat this almost everytime, and most of the time I cant power up unless I DO unplug the psu. Not sure what is going on, I tried different RAM, no RAM, 1 dimm vs 2 dimms, clearing CMOS multiple times, the short way, unhooking all my case fans + led panel readout fearing a shortage of power, playing with some settings in bios for RAM and cpu/chipset,LT, VDRAM voltage all to no avail. Im going to try a long cmos clear tonight and if that doesnt work may try re installing windows unless you folks have some other ideas. I do notice that when I power down the 4 red LED's flash very quickly right before shutting off, not sure if it did this before or if it means anything. Thanks for any help you can offer.
  7. I upgraded my system from single core AMD 3700+ to an AMD Toledo X2 3800+ dual core and am having some trouble. Prior to changing cpu I did a cmos clear, and uninstalled the cpu in OS (windows xp 32 bit SP2) prior to swapping cpu's, reset cmos again, both amber LED's were lit up prior to turning on, booted up into windows, installed AMD dual core driver and core optimizer and MS hotfix. Everything seems ok but then after powering down the system it wont boot back up. The bottom amber LED is lit but the one at the top near the dimm slots barely lights up after pressing the power button, maybe 50% brightness of its norm. The system does nothing unless I unplug/plug the psu and switch it on /off several times, then I can get the system to boot up. This morning after being off all night it wouldnt boot up, had to do the psu unplug trick and several minutes of power button pressing and psu switching on/off I got it to boot. Any ideas here? Do I need to change any bios settings or maybe reinstall OS? The psu is less than 1 month old. I didnt have any problems with my single core chip. Memory memtested fine in orange slots on test # 5 and 8 with single and dual core chips.
  8. So are you trying to use 3 sticks total of RAM? If so I was told by DFI tech service this wont work, I ran into this problem having 3 sticks and had to buy a 4th to make it work. It worked fine with my 4 sticks of 512mb PC2700 Kingston Value RAM afterard.
  9. Just a thought here, but could it be the psu is not enough? Have you had 2 sticks in this machine before? Maybe try unhooking some hardware components inc. the video card to see if will at least post? It may be worth a shot, you never know. Also if the board has 4 memory slots, have you tried the other 2 slots with both sticks. Make sure you have modules in correct slots also, my board I have to use 1 + 3, or 2 + 4 for dual channel.
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