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  1. I have seen there are ways to do this, somehow by changing the region code. anyone be of help?
  2. no, it isnt, actually since the computer on the network isnt switchsc at the router so...
  3. I ran across the problem with Vista installed first, and when I install XP it says I cant because a newer version is already installed. Even with different partitions.
  4. more information @ http://www.bootstrike.com/WindowsVista/dualbootvistaxp.html
  5. yeah it will be on one hard drive. I installed win 7 a couple days ago. and I hated it, I think it really sucked. (more than Vista) But XP Pro with vista dual booting would be what I want/need.
  6. I would like to know how I would go about dual booting Vista and WinXP. Anyone help me?
  7. eveything is working corectly now. with the same setup, restored the XP, set workgroup to the same as Vista and now it works. it is the same setup, even though there isnt a switch showing up. thanks for help! another question is that i would like to print on the XP via vista, how do i do this, the printer is showing up when i click the XP with the vista. it says can not connect to printer, is there something i am doing wrong, file and printer sharing is on, on both computers.
  8. PROBLEM solved, hitting f10 b4 windows starts initiates the RECOVERY. KnightMetal
  9. KnightMetal

    Win 7

    My Vista ult came preinstalled. I have upgraded/downgraded to Win 7 question is, the Win 7 made a file called windows.old fild fhat contains my file for XP, I do not like Win 7, so I would like to have vista back, how do i do this ? There is notihing asking me to restore the old system, how do i delete win 7 or get vista to work again??? i have no recovery disks or vista cd, so how - if it all do I do this?????????????? I see no option, these is nothing in the add/remove or anywhere I can see. HELP!!! KnightMetal!
  10. I have attached a capture of it. is there a setting in xp that might be inappropriately making it show this? the battles computer is the XP one, and the knightmetal-pc is the vaio notebook.
  11. thank you, havent tried it yet. but i will. will this get rid of the 'switch showing up as well, or just simple fs?
  12. where do i set these settings at on xp?\\ what is with the switch showing up? i dont have one installed??.
  13. Printer and file sharing is on, network discovery is on as well. What would make it show a "switch" if there isnt one installed. Could there be something to do with the TCP/IP settings on one or the other computer? Far as i can remember (which really isnt too far) everyting is the same on both computers. There might be one last thing or more that I am forgetting, I am a novice at this type of thing, but it does seem to be self-explanatory process. I know I mentioned that the firewalls were turned off on both computers, but yes they are OFF. Still problem exists! problem is my "self" isnt explaining to well.. KnIghtMetAl thanks for the replies!
  14. I have a desktop (COMPAQ) on XP HOME in the front room and I have a notebook (SONY VAIO) on ViSTA. The XP is hooked up thru a wireless router (NetGear WGR614v7) but using the "wired" connection port. The VISTA is using the same router, but using it wirelessly. The router is hooked to a cable ISP. Everything works correctly, except that the XP is not showing up on my network. and the Vista is not showing up on the XP. I have downloaded and installed the LLTD patch for the XP. They are both on the same Workgroup. And both are sharing files. And both are connected to the same network set as private thru the above router. XP computer will not show up in the Vistas network window. It does show up in the full network map, but it shows up as having a "switch" between it and the router. Well, there is not a switch installed, it is plugged into the router with nothing in between it. I dont know very much about this topic, but I would guess that this "switch" thingy is whats stopping it from showing up in my network window. however, i dont really know. i would like to be able to share files between these two computers, but something isnt working right. Also, the problem is still there with the firewall turned off on both computers. Any ideas to what it is? thanks! KnightMetal
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