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  1. I tried again today with the 23/06/2005 bios and had some better success. I found that if I dropped the RAM ratio the problem was resolved and if I moved the RAM into the orange slots the ratio could stay at 1/01 and everything worked as normal. Good enough for some testing. The temp spiking issue seems to be resolved but now I notice some voltage spiking on the OCCT graphs . My system stills runs 100% stable with vCore of 1.47v and 235fsb so I'm not really worried about the alleged spiking voltage. I'll call this one fixed. Cheers for your help guys!
  2. I tried installing 23/06/2005 BIOS today. That was 3hrs of my life I will never get back!! :angry2: There seems to have been some conflict with my RAM chips and that BIOS. It booted fine the first time but if you entered the Genie bios it would hang on detecting RAM and not POST, continual system beep. The only way to get a successful POST was to reset the CMOS jumper each boot. So there was no way to change my system setup... RAID config...System date...etc.. so no go in the end. I re-install the old BIOS out of frustration. Will try again later with a different BIOS I suppose I could figure out why there is a conflict but I think that's a bigger problem then the one I'm currently toying with. oh well
  3. It was a fresh install for testing, after a couple of memory related crashes. I dont normaly monitor anything as I dont like stuff running in the background. 6/23/05 rings a few bells, I think this was what I was running before I switched. I'll try this first and post back!
  4. ebarone I agree that it's very unlikely to be an actual temp fluctuation. To have it happen on all the monitored temps also makes me wonder if it's more a BIOS/Software issue rather than a hardware issue. It's funny that it happens in both MBM5 and OCCT2&3. I've got tomorrow of work for hangover recovery so I'll try changing the BIOS to an older version, I think I have the original on a disc somewhere. The current version is 04/06/2006-NF which I swapped to for the temp compensation option and then never used Lackadaisical do you remember which bios you were running on your Ultra-D when you had problems??
  5. Hi guys and Gals I think this is my first post here after the demise of DFI street. So, hi to all and cheers for any help! Sorry my first post is a cry for help. I've been running an o'clocked Lanparty NF4 SLI-DR board with AMD-64 socket 939 x2 toledo 2.4Ghz - 2.84Ghz for a couple years now. I recently found a stability problem which I have resolved by lowering the LDT Multi from 4 to 3. However, whilest trying to figure the problem out I installed the same old monitoring software I have always used, MBM5. I found when running OCCT2 and OCCT3 that the temp on the cpu would spike from it's usual 44 deg to <90 deg for a second or so and stop the test. After logging with MBM5 and re-running the test several times I have found that the same phenomenon is occuring with all PWMIC CPU and NF4 temps. When I activate the shutdown by PWMIC temp in the BIOS, the spike will shutdown the PC so I dont think it's a Driver issue or Windows. I'm cooling with an AC freezer pro on air for the cpu and an Evercool VC on the NF4 chipset. The PWMIC area I cool with a small heatsink and 80mm fan zip tied to the PSU. Other specs are; Zalman ZM850-HP PSU (blew up the original choice, 600w Corsair , sparks smoke and everything) Nvidia 8800gt with Accelero heatpipe cooler and 120mm fan Triple boot XP, Vista, Fedora 9 (testing and gaming in XP) Has anyone else come across this? Are the temp probes on their way out??
  6. Righto' I'm going to call the problem resolved. I've been running overclocked with higher fan speeds and haven't had a single crash in two weeks. So, RENEGADE5399 I recon' your right. Cheers everyone else who posted. Now I just have to decide wether to live with the noise or go water?
  7. I've adjusted the fan speeds with Rivatuner and will do some more testing in Crysis and post. If anyone knows how to adjust the fan with BIOS so throttling is smoother please post, the fan now runs at 80% over 55°c and 100% over 60°c and sounds like a tornado. Does anyone know of a good water cooling block for this card?
  8. I checked out the link to BIOS's but they're in an *.exe format, I used to have a program for unpacking *.exe files which might extract the *.rom but I can't remember what it was called. I'd just like to compare the BIOS's before I go wildly flashing.
  9. Which settings do I need to change in card BIOS to raise fan speed according to temp? I use nibitor and nvflash. I can raise fan speed in nTune but it doesn't throttle- just runs flat out.
  10. Bad news. It's still crashing. I get about 1/2hr of play in Crysis before it freezes, with the card running at 670/1950. I've reset the GPU BIOS back to st'd to see if this helps. Do you think it's worth underclocking the memory a bit, how much does this effect performance. or should I just try to get the card RMA'd??
  11. Tested again overnight with nTune Stability test and ran ok for 9hrs with the system o.c'd GPU 670/1950. Had a look at that card Yukon but the customer Gris reviewed that he wasn't getting much of an overclock either - it also has the same std. specs as my card. 600/1800. So might wait and see if I have any more dramas first. Hopefully the PCIe at 100 has fixed my problems....so until then....cheers for your help guys. Merry Xmas
  12. MACarter02 I meant if I set the CPU RAM GPU settings all to standard it didn't seem to crash - ran nTune stability test ok for 8.5hrs. I've just downloaded the latest drivers (169.04 for my card serial) , scrubbed the old one and installed. Also noticed MY O.C. settings had the PCIexpress Bus at 114Mhz so have set this to 100. Will test some more and post. EDIT: I measured the 12v RAIL whiles @ idle and load[3dmard 05 whiles running a compression with winrar (11377 3d marks heh heh)] This was with the O.C. in my signiture and GPU at 670/1950 IDLE : 12.18v LOAD : min 12.05v, Avg 12.14v
  13. My GPU temp doesn't get over 65°c my old card was passive cooled and would run up to 70°c no problems. I originaly o.c. the card to 670/1950 with 1600 shaders and started scaling back the mem when crashes occured. The crashing is not a BSOD but rather the screen is overlayed with red wavey lines and freezes. and it doesn't happen until gaming for a couple of hours. I did uninstall the whql driver for the 7950 card and ran a driver cleaner before installing the 8800gt card. Edit: It also froze after 6.5hrs using the nTune GPU stability test. (169.02 current driver) How do I find out about the heatsinks?
  14. Not sure if this is the right place to post this? I've been running my rig for about a year with a 7950gt card and the o.c. in my signiture, stable no problems. Recently I upgraded to a xfx 8800gt card and now my pc is crashing. If I run all settings at standard it doesn't crash. What I'm wondering is if the heigher power demands of PCIexpress 2.0 are causing my problems? Is there a way to raise the voltage to the Graphics card in the BIOS?
  15. Sorry for slow response as I was away over the weekend. I found the cause this morning was the connection for the PCI-E power cable was in the Acc. connection on the power supply. Moved it and it booted straight away. Cheers for your help SHARP
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