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  1. go to any of the large scale online computer stores and read reviews on the ocz ram. you'll see many many folks recently reporting that the ocz ram is doa. i know...i did my research.
  2. was this an existing system that you just replaced the psu or is this a newly built configuration. if it is new ive seen where alot of the new OCZ ram is DOA.
  3. i recently purchaged 2 512 DDR 400 dimms and i was planning on using them with my existing 2 512 DDR 400 dimms. Both sets of dimms are similar and are from the same manufacturer (OCZ). my original set is DDR 400 with speeds of cas 2 2-2-5 and the new ram i purchased is DDR 400 with speeds of case 2 2-3-5. so basically i installed all 4 dimms with the original ram in the 2 orange slots and the new ram in the 2 yellow slots but my cpu would not boot. all it would do is give me a constant long beep. normally when it does post it will give a short beep and continue to load up. ive read on the forums that usually when running all 4 dimms you have to run the command time and 2T instead of 1T. Do you guys think this is my problem? I was considering RMA"ing" the new ram since i could not get my computer to post with it but i haven't tried specifially setting the command time to 2T with 1 set of ram then installing the addition set. Do you guys think this will fix my problem and allow my computer to boot using all 4 dims or do you think i could've possible gotten my hands on a bad set of ram? btw, both sets of ram are recommended by OCZ for the DFI nf4 ultra-d.
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