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  1. Ok this has been an interesting night, i still cant get 4ghz but you guys are gonna think im crazie with the volts ive put into my chip etc. Pics as follow: Enjoy looking at my madness. Ok run 1 at 3920mhz overclock as previous overclock. Oh ya almost break 13sec SuperPi Then Run 2 at 3945mhz Overclock Um 1.76V to my cpu, 12.984s SuperPi am i on something, NO, is this board on something i Reckon, Ive tried doing a 500FSB run at a 6x multiplier doesnt do anything at low Voltage doesnt even post. but with high Volts it will but doesnt boot. Huge wall to climb here for man kind Some pics of my setup
  2. THE OTHER DAY FRIDAY 15th, My Birthday well it was. This is what the water temp was in the res. Here are some benchies But i hit another wall at 3908mhz so gonna need to put ice in the water, so will do that on friday night. Here are some more to end my night of happiness, im quite happy with my results. 3881ghz @ 13.172s 1M 4-4-4-12 3908ghz @ 13.188s 1M 5-5-5-15
  3. Ok well i got my watercooling done. And got some Crucial Tracers PC8500 1x2gig sticks import from overseas. Check those babies. Um had real problems getting FSB 500 couldnt even get FSB 490 at a 8x multi and with a vcore of 1.6. I dont know if its my board or my chip hit its wall. and that it might just be real thirsty for voltage. otherwise i was able to get 3.85Ghz and got a superpi of 13.250 at 5-5-5-15 at 2.3v if i remember. Didnt take screenies actually forgot too. will do some more benching see if i can get 3.9ghz.
  4. 3.75Ghz @ 13.672s on stock cooling I need my watercooling, but there is a leak on the cpu block, a new o-ring might sort the leak hoping it will. But not want to take the chance. Otherwise, im gonna have to customize the blocks and put brass barbs on instead. Will be getting Team Xtreme modules end of this month i hope. timings are 4-4-4-10.
  5. First attempt, on air, 3ghz, hehe not much but ya, once i got water and mike as my teacher i am sure we can see some wicked results from this machine On Cpu-z its reading as 2.2 coz i didnt disabled speedstep. This is stock cooling. When i make my external unit for my water cooling, benching and watercooling will be running. This case is abit small, didnt thing it would be but ag nothing i can do. External watercooling unit is my only option.
  6. I will be able to mount the radiator on top of my case, gonna be close but should make it. Still to come: Antec 550watt True Power Ver 2.0 - Tomorrow 2 X Red LCD Temps Monitors - Friday - Mike aka Bazik Core 2 Duo E6420 @ 2.13ghz - Friday - Uncle OCZ Platinum DDR2 800 4-5-4-15 - Friday - Uncle Need: Dremel Blades Distilled water Tubing Cool sleeving, Maybe the same stuff i used on RedDevil Solder A whole day to mod or the weekend Gonna be getting a new piece of perspex for this case. Clear perspex doesnt cut it in my books. And others And more money And it's time for this Thread to be moved to the MODDING SECTION :wink: :wink: :wink:
  7. Got a Case and my NB Waterblock and VGA ramsinks Shot to Syndicate for getting me the ram sinks and waterblock :wink: Next Dremel Blades and then time to plan and cut for the radiator DoOb's
  8. Hey thanks will do for sure guys, just another update on more stuff to come this next week. Until the big day on Friday. (E6420 and my OCZ ram) And a Asetek North Bridge waterblock from Carl. Looks like this one i think. hmm And a Antec 550Watt True Power Ver 2.0 Powersupply. And then i need some dremel blades, so I can mod my case for my radiaror. Hehe
  9. Hey Guys guess what is coming next week friday My Cpu and Ram w00t w00t and here's some more good news look what i got today: The next thing i want is a new case. Hmm. Dam i gonna need a new PSU now aswell.
  10. Gonna be going watercooling now aswell getting this stuff for a really good deal. 1x Water Cooling with CoolWave Dual 120mm Radiator (with 2x 120mm CoolerMaster Silent Fans), Asetek CPU & VGA Water blocks, CoolWave Pump and Asetek Resevoir - R 850
  11. Cool thanks Thraxz, just gotta wait until end of June, Aunt is bring out my ram and chip
  12. Hey guys I am new here, From South Africa Got my DFI Infinity P965-S today, Here some pics Still to come end of this month: Intel Core 2 Duo E6420 @ 2.14ghz 4mb cache OCZ DDR2 800 Platinum Edition 2x1gig sticks hehehehe Just got Word Right Now What i would like to know is what can this chip be capable of on my DFI. I found this thread on a in-depth overclocking tutorial, so I will look at that, just wanna get your guys comments, advice. http://www.thetechrepository.com/showthread.php?p=566 Thanks DoOb's
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