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  1. This could be really cool! I've listed some ideas below: Dielectric grease Ben Gay (or Icy Hot) Denture adhesive Rice powder paste Super glue (don't actually do this) Condiments (ketchup, mustard, mayo, etc.) Dish/Hand soap Dishwasher soap Laundry detergent Vegetable and car oil Transmission fluid Mud Wet drier lint Wet bed sheets
  2. I know this is generally reserved for desktop computer cases, but I figured I would see if any of you had any recommendations on cases for the UX305. I've done some searching and cannot find anything that seems to fit the UX305 well. Any info is appreciated. Thanks!
  3. After about 14 hours of prime95 on the max heat setting, the temperature of the processor never got above 87C. The coolest core had a max temp of 84C. I also checked the temps on the motherboard (using HW Monitor by CPUID), and nothing seemed too out of the ordinary. I think I'll leave things as is and go ahead and start installing software. Thanks for all your help! Edit: Word change (about > above)
  4. Sounds good! I'll run Prinme95 for 12 hours or so and check what the max temps. As long as they don't get to 99/100C I'll not worry about it. If they do get that high, I'll do some thinking and probably decide to leave things how they are.
  5. Thanks for the response. I purchased model BX80646I54690K. I believe this is the Devil's Canyon model. I've reseating the cooler with Noctua thermal paste. I actually am 90% sure I know what the problem is. If only I had read a bit more before purchasing the cooler. It appears as if the NH-L9i can handle up to a 65W TDP. Seeing as the 4690k is a 88W part, that seems to be quite a bit more than the heatsink can handle. I'll look into getting the NH-L9x65 or the NH-C14 depending on how much clearance I have in the case.
  6. I should also mention that this computer will generally be used for web browsing, but occasionally photo editing and video rendering.
  7. I recently built a mATX computer for my parents. I used a mATX slim case. I used an In Win mATX case. Since this case as a single 92mm fan at the front of it, I was worried about cooling when I built the machine. I have an ASROCK mATX board. The cpu is a 4690k. I put a noctua 92mm fan into the single fan slot, and added a NH-L9i to replace the stock Intel cooler. The processor idles at around 30C (15-16 degrees C above the ambient temperature). When performing stress testing, the temps get a bit high. I used the "Max Heat" setting on Prime95 and after two hours the max temp on any single core was 87C. While there weren't any stability issues, those temps make me feel uncomfortable and I stopped the test. Are these temps too high? Am I crazy? Would getting a larger cooler help? Should I get the NH-L9x65 instead? Thanks in advance for any information.
  8. I'm currently building a new system to be used as a media server. The issue I am running into is that I don't know what kind of solution I want to use for the storage on the machine. I currently have about 3TB worth of media, and will likely greatly expand that amount of media as soon as I can. I would like to try to future proof the machine as much as possible and am trying to get somewhere between 8-12 TB of usable space. Like I mentioned, I don't really know what kind of solution to use. I have a few ideas, but I would like to see if there is anyone here who had experience with building large storage arrays. Any advice?
  9. Honestly, I havent shopped around for the best prices yet, so it doesnt suprise me that better prices can be found elsewhere. If you have better memory suggestions, I am more than willing to change it. Suggestions? Just remember that the sticks must fit underneath the Noctua cooler.
  10. Hey guys, I am building a system for a friend of mine. His budget is $1800 and this is his first system build. Whenever someone is performing their first build, I tend to splurge a bit on a case and on a powersupply, because these are the two items that can be used across multiple builds. I know that the PSU in the build has much more power than is necessary, but it is one of the lower wattage PSUs in that model line for Corsair. Mainly, this computer will be used for gaming, but will also be used for video editing and streaming/broadcasting. The game played most often is League of Legends, but Battlefield, Diablo III and WoW make the list as well. I will be helping him overclock the system to a modest speed as well. Likely somewhere in the 4-4.5 Ghz range. It should also be noted that he has all of the other small things needed for a build (keyboard, mouse, montitor etc). Let me know your thoughts! http://pcpartpicker.com/p/1Y61D CPU: 4770k Cooler: Noctua NH-D14 Motherboard: Asus Z87-Pro Ram: Generic Corsair 16GB (2x8GB) Storage: Ocz Vector 256GB SSD(Not correct on PCPartPicker.com)/WD Caviar Green 3TB Video Card: GTX 760 Case: Corsair 600T PSU: Corsair AX860i LG Blu Ray Burner
  11. I know its probably not possible, but is there any way to make my cable connection more consistent? i have a charter internet connection in Madison, WI and am largely happy with the connection. Unfortunatly, during peak hours the connection becomes all but unusable. My ping will go up to 2000-3000ms, speeds drop from 30-70mbps to 0.1 mbps download, and from 4mbps upload to 0.1 mbps upload. Everytime I reset the modem, the speeds go back to normal, but only for a few minutes or so. When i call tech support, they "reprovision" my router and the speeds go back to normal for a few mins, but then the speed goes right back down. I know it is likely because of the infrastructure of a cable connection, but is there a way to make this less of an issue?
  12. First, I would recommend using offset voltages. This allows your chips voltage to rise and fall with the clockspeed. As per the temps, not all 3770k's overclock in the same manner. At some point, each chip hits a thermal barrier. For example, my chip is overclocked to 4.5 Ghz. If I go to 4.6 the temps increase exponentially. My load temps at 4.5 are 60C, and my load temps at 4.6 get close to 80C. I also have the Thermalright Silver Arrow, which is a top of the line cooler. You may be hitting that thermal barrier earlier. I dont think your OC results are terrible. They arent the best, but they are about average.
  13. Edit: This posted twice for some reason, sorry. Also, I found this guide very helpful: http://www.overclock.net/t/1247413/ivy-bridge-overclocking-guide-with-ln2-guide-at-the-end
  14. Also, I found this guide very helpful: http://www.overclock.net/t/1247413/ivy-bridge-overclocking-guide-with-ln2-guide-at-the-end
  15. It depends on how you are overclocking the processor. Are you manually setting the voltage? Or are you using offset voltages?
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