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  1. raid driver disc done,i can not wait untill tuesday , it should all be up and running by then , i will let you no how i get on with it ,
  2. thanks from what ive read the raid drivers are on the utilties disc and i have to make a raid diskett but that would mean putting xp on to one hdd then doing it again after ive made the diskett , i take it i should make a diskett now with the latest raid drivers before i dismantel everything
  3. right ive finally found a E6600 so as soon as it arrives i will be rebuilding , please can anyone forsee any obsticals i may encounter as all i will be doing is taking out my old sig m/board,cpu,ram and swapping it over with a Asus P5N-E SLI m/board , E6600 1066 cpu and 2gb ocz pc6400 800 mhz nvidia sli ram and then obviously reinstaling everything as i have a Raid0 set up ????:)
  4. did that and now it works great again , i think it wanted a nights sleep in its original box , lol thanks
  5. do you mean like this - GIGABYTE 6 QUAD P35-DQ6 , i can get this one for £100 . or this - Gigabyte GA-G33M-S2 775 FSB1333 / Intel G33 / MicroATX , for £64
  6. right im slowly selling and up-grading ,i want to move over to C2D , i have about £120/$235 in my PP acount , im after buying either a cpu or a m/board can someone please give me a few ideas on what to buy , i do plan to o/c a bit only to around 2.8/3.0 at the most , but i am one for buying good parts with no idea what they can really do , or how to do it ( I CAN ONLY GET MT OPTY 165 @ 2.2 ) i would like to spend the full amount on one thig or the other , any thoughts, i onl;y game . i can buy a e6750 for £118 , is that worth it , but its a 1333fsb cpu so will i have to get a 1333fsb caperbly m/board? or would the cpu work in a 1066fsb m/board, i would not mind if there was a little performance loss as i think that the e6750 for £118 is a price not to be missed .
  7. i changed my cpu cooler earlier on to a Tuniq 120 , what a nightmare to fit , i had to remove the m/board , so when finished i re-installed everything and the turned on , i gat a longish staggard beep then it boots up with no pic and the monitor saying no signal , i have put in an old ati card i have and my pc boots up and works fine ??? please anyone any ideas , is there anyone from PNY here on the forum ?? i tried to use there RMA request form but for some reason when it asks me to select my card from the drop down menu it does not show my card , the list only goes to a 8500gt ??? so i chose the crappiest from the list and then added my model number at the comments bit , so im not sure if they will accept it .
  8. Tuniq tower arrived today , very very well packaged, faultless transaction , recomended seller
  9. is there any Creative reps on thuis forum ??? i need a replacement external I/O hub for my SB Audigy 2 ZS Platinum pro s/c . does anyone know where i can get hold of one . thanks
  10. a new pump is on my shopping list but its at the bottom , cheers for the reply
  11. after reading other threads im begining to think maybee my temps are to high , my opty is not o/c much its @ 1980 mhz a 10% oc , as for my temps they are at the minute going off everest 36 c idle and after about 1hour of BF2142 it rises to about 42 c , with the M/B temp at 39..... is this high i have a TT Armor with a Yateloon 120mm intake with a 80 + 2 x TT 120cm on my rad pushing through and out the front exhaust fans with 1 x 120 Yateloon inside blowing over the top left of m/board , i did have a spare side pannel with a 250mm intake fan on which used to help with the m/b temp but the fan has stopped working and im having trouble replacing it My GPU Diode is @ 67 c is that high ?? Also im planning on upgrading to a C2D E6600 system soon so i will be getting a new m/b and ram as well , hopefully the m/board will be either a evga 680sli , xfx 680sli ,i am in the prosess of buying a Tuniq tower but i was wandering if my water cooling gear would be up to the job of cooling a E6600 hopefully o/c to about 2.6 - 3.0
  12. i would deffanatly upgrade your GPU instead, go for a 8800gts or similar,you will see a huge improvment over your old card, ive got 2 gigs of my sig ram on my shelf ,but i would not bother adding it to my currant machine, i can see the point adding 2 more gigs and only using 1 gig of it , get a GPU
  13. thanks so much for the replies , i will try it later on and let you no how i get on
  14. right reading from my TT Armor manuel is says CASE LAYOUT / M/B LAYOUT (ex; asus) 1. EAR R / RED ///// LINE_OUT R 2. RETURN R / WHITE ///// LINE_IN R 3. EARL / GREEN //// LINE_OUT L 4. RETURN L / YELLOW //// LINE_IN L 5. MIC IN / RED //// MIC 6. MIC VCC / WHITE //// MIC PWR 7. GROUND / BLACK //// GROUND In the DFI manuel it shows a pic/diag of the connector and says 1. MIC_LEFT 2. GND 3. MIC_RIGHT 4. VCC 5. LINE OUT_RIGHT 6. LINE OUT_RIGHT_FRONT 7. N.C. 8. N.C. 9. LINE OUT_LEFT 10. LINE OUT_LEFT_FRONT i hope this helps you help me ,
  15. thanks for the reply , the sound card is on its way to me now , it is only the card there is no I/O front panel which i could have done with as i can not get my ear/mic ports to work with my kajan modual which i need as i do alot of on-line gaming , infact i have just joined a caln sdo i need that problem sorting out asap , my problem is i dont know what wires go to what connector on the modual as they are both labbled differently , my case is a TT Armor by BTW , any ideas .
  16. can someone please tell me if this sound card would be a better choice to use than the standard audio modual on my DFI SLI D, the soundcard is a "Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro SB0360 OEM " i have a chance to get this for a favour but would it be worht using insted of my Kajan audio modual
  17. after fiddling about inside my pc yesterday i think i have shorted the 25cm Fan on the side pannel on my TT Armor case , i have a spare windowed panel which im using now but i could do with using the other for temp reasons , is there anyway to fix the shorted fan or can i get a replacment 25cm fan from anywhere ???
  18. thanx for the replies , i thought about doing the dual screen but my monitor is a 19" so i think it would not look right with one being smaller , whatever i get i will be swapping for pc bits/upgrades or buying ,
  19. my father died from the big C last month and my mum has given me his pc . its a Dell 5000 pc Intel p 4 HT @ 2.4 80gb hdd 512mb ddr2 pc2-3200 ram ati graphics card plus i have all the discs that came with it like XP home , works 7 suit etc etc extras - 15" tft monitor - cheapish one wireless mouse/keyboard - cheapish one epson R200 printer 2:1 speakers . before you all cry out " Dell on no " i know what you mean , i was wandering if i was to put it up for sale how much should i put the price for , i dont mind selling it as a whole or seperate, so as i said could i get an idea what to sell this lot for or even if someone wants a trade please let me know , offer me anything i may say yes .
  20. sorry mate ive been off line for a bit anyway ????????? i do not understand what you mean , but i suppose you mean that i can not use my ear/mic port on the top of my TT Armor with the Karajan module on my SLI D >>>>
  21. can someone please tell me what wire goes where on my Kajan audio modual to make my ear/mic top ports to work on my TT Armor, i have both the case & m/board manuals but i dont understand as they call things by different names, i need this so i can use my head phones with mic to play games on line. i have a set of 5:1 speakers pluged in to the back of my pc. please can you make any answers as clear and easy to follow as poss please. thanks in advance:sad::sad:
  22. well at long last we have a happy ending , my new mouse arrived an hour ago, its not the copperhead as i first wanted , its the new deathadder ultra so im well chuffed , i updated the drivers but the firmware was a nightmare to update so i left it as it was , no i can start playing Lost Planet , :):) also just got a free copy of Comand & conquer 3 Tiberian Wars off EA for filling out a on line survay, so im buzzin,:)
  23. well can you f___ing belive it , there is now a postal strike where i live now , so its proberly lost somewhere in the system, by the way , my auntie says a big hi to all you canadians out there as she lives in Calgary, she is over here in the uk visiting my mum as my dad died last week from Cancer, so thats why im not in a very good mood as it is , and all this delivery c__p is winding me up ,
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