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  1. raid driver disc done,i can not wait untill tuesday , it should all be up and running by then , i will let you no how i get on with it ,
  2. thanks from what ive read the raid drivers are on the utilties disc and i have to make a raid diskett but that would mean putting xp on to one hdd then doing it again after ive made the diskett , i take it i should make a diskett now with the latest raid drivers before i dismantel everything
  3. right ive finally found a E6600 so as soon as it arrives i will be rebuilding , please can anyone forsee any obsticals i may encounter as all i will be doing is taking out my old sig m/board,cpu,ram and swapping it over with a Asus P5N-E SLI m/board , E6600 1066 cpu and 2gb ocz pc6400 800 mhz nvidia sli ram and then obviously reinstaling everything as i have a Raid0 set up ????:)
  4. did that and now it works great again , i think it wanted a nights sleep in its original box , lol thanks
  5. do you mean like this - GIGABYTE 6 QUAD P35-DQ6 , i can get this one for £100 . or this - Gigabyte GA-G33M-S2 775 FSB1333 / Intel G33 / MicroATX , for £64
  6. right im slowly selling and up-grading ,i want to move over to C2D , i have about £120/$235 in my PP acount , im after buying either a cpu or a m/board can someone please give me a few ideas on what to buy , i do plan to o/c a bit only to around 2.8/3.0 at the most , but i am one for buying good parts with no idea what they can really do , or how to do it ( I CAN ONLY GET MT OPTY 165 @ 2.2 ) i would like to spend the full amount on one thig or the other , any thoughts, i onl;y game . i can buy a e6750 for £118 , is that worth it , but its a 1333fsb cpu so will i have to get a 1333fsb caperbly m/board? or would the cpu work in a 1066fsb m/board, i would not mind if there was a little performance loss as i think that the e6750 for £118 is a price not to be missed .
  7. i changed my cpu cooler earlier on to a Tuniq 120 , what a nightmare to fit , i had to remove the m/board , so when finished i re-installed everything and the turned on , i gat a longish staggard beep then it boots up with no pic and the monitor saying no signal , i have put in an old ati card i have and my pc boots up and works fine ??? please anyone any ideas , is there anyone from PNY here on the forum ?? i tried to use there RMA request form but for some reason when it asks me to select my card from the drop down menu it does not show my card , the list only goes to a 8500gt ??? so i chose the crappiest from the list and then added my model number at the comments bit , so im not sure if they will accept it .
  8. Tuniq tower arrived today , very very well packaged, faultless transaction , recomended seller
  9. is there any Creative reps on thuis forum ??? i need a replacement external I/O hub for my SB Audigy 2 ZS Platinum pro s/c . does anyone know where i can get hold of one . thanks
  10. a new pump is on my shopping list but its at the bottom , cheers for the reply
  11. after reading other threads im begining to think maybee my temps are to high , my opty is not o/c much its @ 1980 mhz a 10% oc , as for my temps they are at the minute going off everest 36 c idle and after about 1hour of BF2142 it rises to about 42 c , with the M/B temp at 39..... is this high i have a TT Armor with a Yateloon 120mm intake with a 80 + 2 x TT 120cm on my rad pushing through and out the front exhaust fans with 1 x 120 Yateloon inside blowing over the top left of m/board , i did have a spare side pannel with a 250mm intake fan on which used to help with the m/b temp but the fan has stopped working and im having trouble replacing it My GPU Diode is @ 67 c is that high ?? Also im planning on upgrading to a C2D E6600 system soon so i will be getting a new m/b and ram as well , hopefully the m/board will be either a evga 680sli , xfx 680sli ,i am in the prosess of buying a Tuniq tower but i was wandering if my water cooling gear would be up to the job of cooling a E6600 hopefully o/c to about 2.6 - 3.0
  12. i would deffanatly upgrade your GPU instead, go for a 8800gts or similar,you will see a huge improvment over your old card, ive got 2 gigs of my sig ram on my shelf ,but i would not bother adding it to my currant machine, i can see the point adding 2 more gigs and only using 1 gig of it , get a GPU
  13. thanks so much for the replies , i will try it later on and let you no how i get on
  14. right reading from my TT Armor manuel is says CASE LAYOUT / M/B LAYOUT (ex; asus) 1. EAR R / RED ///// LINE_OUT R 2. RETURN R / WHITE ///// LINE_IN R 3. EARL / GREEN //// LINE_OUT L 4. RETURN L / YELLOW //// LINE_IN L 5. MIC IN / RED //// MIC 6. MIC VCC / WHITE //// MIC PWR 7. GROUND / BLACK //// GROUND In the DFI manuel it shows a pic/diag of the connector and says 1. MIC_LEFT 2. GND 3. MIC_RIGHT 4. VCC 5. LINE OUT_RIGHT 6. LINE OUT_RIGHT_FRONT 7. N.C. 8. N.C. 9. LINE OUT_LEFT 10. LINE OUT_LEFT_FRONT i hope this helps you help me ,
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