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  1. hi, i have a dfi lanparty UT nf4 sli expert mobo. What chipset water block do you guys recommend? The GFX card sits right over the chipest core. I'm thinking of a maze4. Regards Nitro
  2. oh yeah sorry lack of info. i have a LANPARTY UT NF4 SLI-DR Expert mobo. I'm also using a Thermalright HR-05 IFX SLI Northbridge Chipset Heatsink, with a fan on it. http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct....d=57&subcat=399
  3. Hi all, I have just overclocked my X2 4200+ to 2.6ghz But my chipset temp has increased to 52-54c, at stock underload it runs about 48c. CPu temp 40c underload chipset 54c underload System 40c underload FSB Bus Frequency = 237 MHz LDT/FSB Frequency Ration = X 4.0 LDT Bus Transfer Width = 16 16 CPU/FSB Frequency Ratio = X 11.0 PCI eXpress Frequency = 100Mhz K8 Cool'n'Quiet Support = Disable CPU VID StartUp Value = Startup CPU VID Control = auto CPU VID Special Control = auto LDT Bus Voltage = 1.20V Chip Set Voltage = 1.51V DRAM 2.5V Voltage = 2.68V DRAM Configuration Settings: DRAM Frequency Set.............................. - 166=RAM Command Per Clock (CPC)....................... - Enabled CAS Latency Control (Tcl)....................... - 2.5 Are these temps for my chipset to hot? i personally feel happier when its round high 40's Regards Nitro.
  4. Oh thanks for the info guys. I am thinking after scanning the forums here for a while that, Hynix D5/D43 or Infineon B5 are pretty crap for over clocking? "but the box said it supports 4gb" LOL Nitro.
  5. Hi guys, I just bought another 2gb of geil ram (link for my ram) but it does not show up in the bios or windows as 4gb. I understand windows will only ever show 3.75gb appox, but windows says my machine is running 3.25. which is what the bios appox detects. Can any one shed some light on this for me please? Also while i am on the subject of my ram what type is it TCCD,BH5. and what sort of max FSB may i expect 230mhz? I have a Dfi LANPARTY UT NF4 SLI-DR Expert mobo, a Athlon 64 4000+ 64 bit, with the latest bios. Running win xp pro sp2 Regards Nitro.
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