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  1. Information Update: I will include an AMD EK Supreme LT waterblock and backplate if anyone buys the entire combo. I don't have any barbs, but you get the block and all mounting hardware. That's a $50 value and one piece closer to a full H2O kit. Thanks for looking and remember...I'm always open to offers.
  2. I actually purchased two cases that I'll be putting systems into over the next few days and weeks. This Intel 2500k is being moved into a Silverstone TJ07 with custom backplate, top piece, and front plate...along with a lot of other nice goodies and more H2O gear. I also bought a 700D that I'm putting a Bulldozer system in. I just placed an order for (2) SR1 480MM rads, (1) SR1 360MM rad, (1) SR1 240MM rad, 4 GPU blocks, 2 more 35x pumps, and a host of hardware. This case needs to go, and go quickly to help recoup some of those costs Let me know. I'm somewhat flexible on these prices but just be reasonable if you send me an offer. I'll entertain anything and possibly hardware trades. Thanks again guys. It was a lot of fun building this case, but their are other projects that need my attention now!
  3. I really hate to do this, but my new case came in this week which means this beauty has to go. I bought this case brand new and performed all of the mods myself. CM wanted to use the case at one of their expo's this year but we were unable to come to good terms on the deal and it never happened. It's a great looking case and turns heads every time someone gets to look at it. I'm willing to throw in some goodies with this case, so please check out all of the packages I'm currently offering. Details: - Custom Cooler Master 690-II Advanced with White / Grey / Black Digital Camo paint job - Custom square window with rubber window molding - Custom PSU cover / mid plate painted matte black to match the interior. Will cover any size PSU on the market - Lower 4 HDD cages removed to make room for H2O radiator - Factory plastic grills removed in front and top intake pieces Extras: (Check pricing below) - XSPC RS240 Radiator - HWLabs SR1 120MM Radiator - 3 x 120MM Xigmatek XLF Blue Fans - 1 x 140MM Xigmatek XLF Blue Fan Pricing: Case Only (stock fans included): $125 + shipping Case with Xigmatek Fans: $165 + shipping Case with Radiators (No barbs): $205 + shipping Case with everything (No barbs): $235 + shipping Both Radiators: $80 + shipping XSPC RS240: $30 + shipping BlackIce SR1: $50 + shipping Terms: I only accept paypal or money orders. I do not ship outside of the US and with an item this large I cannot ship to an APO. Please contact me here or at wscanaday at gmail dot com. Pics: (NO HARDWARE IS INCLUDED / ONLY ITEMS LISTED ABOVE ARE FOR SALE) See Attached
  4. I know...I know...I took these pictures after a quick test and the only open monitor was my 42" Vizio I have in the shop. It only supports HDMI and VGA, so I went with VGA.
  5. There are times when I would agree with you, but 95% of the time the digital camo works for me. I have been wanting to do a case like this for a while but just never found the right case or the right mod to do it on, so this oppurtunity arose and I went for it. It's not for everyone and definitely has to grow on you, but it looks great with all of the lights and fans going. I'll have to upload some this week. It's a pretty generic mod, just water cooling and some custom bits added here and there. Thanks!
  6. Well...because I want to build another TJ07 mod and the wife won't let me until I sell one of my cases first. She says I have too many in the shop now and can't bring anything else home unless something leaves. I have an Antec 300, this case, and a modded 600T SE that are all up for sale. As soon as one or two of them find a new home I'm placing my order for the TJ07. I'm hoping the 300 and 600T sell but if this case finds a good home and meets my price...I'll let it go. The fun is in the modding and they kind of lose their luster once they're "complete."
  7. I used white tubing before, but this time decided to go with clear tubing and Mayhems Ultra Blue Dye. The dye should be here next week and I'll update pics when I get it "dropped" in. It will completely change the look, just needed to get updated pics taken before then
  8. Here's a quick update on this case mod. It's 95% complete and the rest of the parts are on the way. A koolance GPU block, Mayhems Dye, and Aquaero Pro should be delivered this week. I'm looking to start another project soon so this case will soon be up for sale in the BST section.
  9. Sorry, but I accept only paypal and money orders. Pending Sale!
  10. I have a XSPC X20 750 pump / rez combo that has been used about 2 months up for sale. The pump is in great working shape and besides being a little cloudy on the inside, it looks great. I just pulled it from a system last night. It comes with 1/2" ID barbs. The faceplate has a custom digital camo pattern painted on it, but it should be easy to sand and paint over if that doesn't fit someone's style. I think you can buy new faceplates as well if you wanted a brand new one. These are selling for $50 - $65 brand new, so $35 with the barbs takes it. I'll ship in the OEM box and with the contained barbs in a zip lock bag. I accept paypal or money order. Please contact me for details. Thanks
  11. I have a 4GB set of ADATA XPG Gaming Series RAM that I'm looking to sell if anyone is interested. It's 4GB of DDR3 1600 and has been used in both an AMD X6 and Intel P67 system without any problems. The default timings are 9-9-9-24, but I had no trouble running them at CL8 with 1.55v. They are certified to run between 1.55v and 1.75v without problems. YMMV on overclocks and timings. NewEgg link I'm asking $35 shipped via USPS Priority inside the U.S. I accept paypal or money order, money order delays shipping until payment is received. I ship within 24HRS. Thanks and contact me for details or post here if you have any questions.
  12. Just got your PM... Your VCCIO voltages are way too high and you are in danger of degrading the IMC on your chip if it's running at almost 1.4v. If you are unstable or stopping the test due to heat, then it's hard to determine which setting or settings need to be tweaked in order to get everything stable. Vcore, VCCIO, and PLL voltage are the three biggest contributors to heat in these SB chips. Dropping the PLL to below 1.6v and keeping VCCIO as low as possible can change your temps by 2-3C max, but also increase stability in some cases. I'll give you two options / things I would try. 1. Buy a box fan or something that can help cool your ambient temps down. I would also perform a case test to ensure your case is getting proper airflow. A case test can be done by simply pulling the side panel off, if your temps go down then you need to increase airflow inside the case and improve your exhaust system. If temps stay the same or get warmer, your case is fine and you can button it back up. 2. Tweak these settings and voltages. - Drop your RAM from 2133 to 1600MHz and see if they can run on 1.5 - 1.55v. Decrease your your VCCIO to 1.1v or a max of 1.12v. Your setting of 1.375v is extremely too high and as I stated earlier, could be close to causing to major damage. If you want to keep your RAM at 2133MHz, drop the voltage to a max of 1.14 - 1.16v and see what it does. - Decrease your PLL voltage to under 1.6v. - Decrease PCH back to 1.05v - Increase VCCSA to 0.935v
  13. I run pure distilled with a KillCoil in each loop and I have never had any problems. I usually replace tubes and water every 6 months and I've never seen any problems. I don't trust any type of dye or additive because they all seem to cause problems at one point or another.
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