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  1. hello, i am having trouble grasping this whole overclocking thing.im used to amd and this is my first intel build in a while.i have an asus p5n-e sli mobo.intel quad core q6600 cpu.4 x 1 gb nanya ddr2 800 ram.how do i overclock it ?. please help me thanks in advance also the q-fan is not working when enabled in bios, the chassis one is fint, just the cpu one not workin. cheers
  2. yeah i asked him and he said it was to protect the cpu.abit weird but he has offered me a refund.its just a waste of time and postage. never mind
  3. i forgot to mention i got the board as second user board but fully working as said by the seller.but its got silicone around the cpu socket.
  4. i cant remember the voltage settings.sorry.i forgot to clear the cmos.
  5. yeah thats fine.i took all the precautions.i have an anti ststic wrist strap.i have tried a minimal build but no go.tried different psu too.im just surprised that the cpu is staying cold.it seems like no power is getting to the cpu. dunno what to do
  6. no cpu workis in the board now.how do i check the rev of the board ?
  7. still no luck.also i have realised the cpu is not getting hot.its not even gettin a little bit warm.why could that be ?
  8. i went from single core to dual core cpu.cpu is not faulty, tried in different mobo and works...
  9. Computer specs in signature. I recently upgraded my machine and put my hardware (parts in my signature) into a new case and have been having problems since then. The motherboard's LED turns on when the power is plugged in and on (Yellow LED). Following a pre-setup post from this forum, I have only hooked up the essentials. I have the 20+4 pin power plugged in, the 8pin plugged in and the 4pin FAN3 power plugged in. The CPU is in, 1 stick of RAM in DIMM2 (orange, furtherest from CPU) and the video card is in with the required 6pin power plugged in. We have cleared CMOS following the instructions in a post (including a 24/48hr clear). When I turn the computer ON, the CPU fan spins up, chipset fan spins up, video card fan spins up and all 4 diagnostic lights turn on. All 4 lights stay on and never change and that is as far as we have gotten. Also... The speaker jumper is set to 2/3 and we still do not get any post beeps/sounds. Also... The reset button on the motherboard itself does not seem to actually reset anything. When it is depressed (short/long) it doesn't actually power down anything...but at the same time we don't get past having all 4 diag LEDs on. If I can provide any more information please let me know. I appreciate any suggestions that you may have. ** Currently I am re-seating the CPU and heat sink to make sure it is set in correctly ** __________________ DFI LAN Party UT nf4 SLI DR Expert AMD X2 4400+ Toledo 2x512mb Corsair PC3200 eVGA GeForce 7900 GT KO 256mb PCI-E Antec True Power Trio 650watt
  10. hi, im looking to buy a new mb.i have an opty 165, what is the best board i can buy which supports this cpu.alot of boards seem to not support thios cpu.
  11. ok, is there a chance of it happening again ?.ive been using the board all day 2day and it seems fine.
  12. hi everyone, just got meself a dfi infinty nf4 mb and hooked everything up, when i powered on the pc it made a crackling noise and one of the capacitor things caught fire.but its still working.i'll try and put a pic up so you can tell me if it was an essential part of the mb.also the atx connector is 20 + 4 pin on my psu.the board has a 24 pin connector, my old asrock mb had a 20 pin.do i connect both ?.also my hard drives have suddenly died too, i think it had summit to do with the fire. thanks
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