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  1. No, the only thing that happens is the computer turns on. I see nothing on the screen, there is no POST, the drives are spinning, but i can't even get into the bios, i can't see anything
  2. Hello, this is my first post on these boards and i would like to say i am greatly apreciative of everyone here who can help me. OK so here is the problem, first here are the specs 3000+ 9800pro 2Xcorsiar 256 333mhz antec 400w psu Ive built many computers and used to be really into overclocking and all the good stuff, but ive really fallen off of the bandwagon. Now im faced with a problem that has me stumped. One day i came home and my computer was off, i had left it on when i left the night before. when i go to turn it on it turns on and everything is spinning hard drives fans, however non of my usb devices are working, mouse etc. So basically my computer turns on it does not POST at all the drives boot i can hear them and the LED shows activity, but i get no video signal or beeps. My usb devices work if you unplug them and plug them back in while the computer is running. Ive tried all the regular stuff, unpluging everything and cleaning all the slots and trying every potential possibility, you know how it goes. I tried to clear the CMOS aswell but it didn't do much for me. Sorry about the grammer, all of you know what its like to be strung out on computer problems. Its like a fiend searching for the fix. THANKS
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