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  1. All done and told I have 17 fans, 15 of which are case fans and my rig stays plenty cool. However it is really loud, louder than my window ac unit. Given I think the only fans louder than the ones I have are the tornados, but I think that is just for show and some fun, not really that functional. Eh I think if you tried to tip the case over it would hover, and don't let small animals near the intake side (think of the poor cats!!)
  2. One other thing you must remember is that if you are in a area where it is warm all the time, case fans will only keep you at rooms temps at the lowesst. Water cooling will bring you lower all the time. However, if it is rather hot where you are, the radiator will not be able to dissapate heat as well, but still will be decent. One of the best ways to keep the computer cool is just try and keep the room where the computer is cool. Ya, and for those of us whom live with our parents still, nothing we can really do lol.
  3. Ya, I know that is the problem, seeing how with fans going below ambient temps is rather hard if not impossible. However I will only be living here for a few more months. When I move, my place will be a constant 60 F. I just want my computer to run at room temp if possible. As for now I am running about 40C.
  4. Yup, I don't want to water cool so I did a bit of modding and now have 10 case fans on my case. Nine of them are 80mm and one of them is a 120. Here is the setup if you are facing the front of the case.... Two in front blowing on the hard drives, two on the right hand panel blowing across the hard drives, two on the left hand panel blowing on my mobo and graphics card, two in the back venting out, and on top I have my 120 and one more 80 making ten case fans. Then I have the 2 fans in my power suppy, the fan on my graphics card and last but not least the fan on my cpu which is a volcano 7+ which I run on high... All of my fans are thermaltake fans, but I have some Vantec Tornados on the way... Once I get it all up and working I will post some temps. My ambient temp in my room is about 75 -80 F or 24-27 C. Hopefully all will be well, by the way, I am so used to this I don't even hear it running, but everyone else in the house does. I run my system twenty four/ seven too
  5. Hmm yes this is where I run into the problem of not owning any drill bits... So I was kinda hoping to get an exact size... but then again, drill bit sets are fairly cheap... Ok thanks.
  6. Ok, I want to sleeve my wires, but I have no idea how to remove/replace my molex connects. Would someone mind clueing me in!! Thanks Nevermind, I just realized that I did not check it out on google lol... So thanks anyways.
  7. What size hole should I drill for the screws to attach the fans that I have? I know that no matter what size fan it is, the 4 screw holes are the same size, but I don't know what size that is. Oh and yes using a hole saw is SO MUCH BETTER than using a dremel.
  8. I have this case http://www.thermaltake.com/xaserCase/xaser3/v2000a.htm How can I find out if the fan controller can handle 4-7 80 mm tornados?
  9. Draco


    I have spent over 10,000 us dollars in the last year, but then again I work a full time job. I have a kid and a girlfriend, and bills, so I know the pain, there is always so much to get, and it is all so expensive!!
  10. If you get a metal primer and use a coat or two of that first, then us whatever color you want for your case you should not have to worry about sanding, however whatever you decide to get READ READ READ the can to see what it tells you to do, some stuff says you have to sand, and some says you don't. Just read the how to's on the can and you should be fine.
  11. Yes, but I am looking for something geared toward pc, and can handle the environmental sounds you get from games. Such as someone walking towards you on the right, you hear footsteps on the right, most of those are merely one ear and mono.
  12. I am looking for a bluetooth headset with a mic for games and all that good crud like teamspeak. I could have sworn I had seen it by logitech, but I looked and found nothing. I checked google a ton, and only found stuff for cell phones, lol, and now am an expert on those from all that I have found. If you know of anything, or if I am remembering wrong and they do not exist please let me know!! Thanks.
  13. That would be a fun mod to do. If someone does know how, post the how too for all to see!!
  14. Slightly off the subject, what boards seem to work well Red? Just curious, not looking for any detailed answers. Thanks, lol as for ram, I just run no name, and it works great.
  15. I bought a ttake case a while ago, the 1000 series. The cooling rocks, my computer runs load at about 37 C. Other than that here is the problems that I have had with my case: 1. Wire management is really horrible and that makes for bad air flow. 2. My graphics card does not fit in to the clipping system correctly so I had to break the clip, and rig it using the screw holes which was not easy 3. If you use hard drives with serial ata adapters then the case side does not fit on at all (I believe that you can change around the position of the drives, but I have not had the time to try) 4. If you use certain things in the 5.25 bays the little plastic easy in and out adapters don't line up right. 5. Last of all the dang case seems so flimsy, I have already bent the side panels, and I am very careful with the thing. The cooling is by far the best reason to get one, however you could just get a different case, cut a few holes, and toss in some good fans. Here is a link somebody showed me from another forum here, it is a computer that I thought looked really nice. http://www.xoxide.com/ufo.html
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