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  1. Hey Guys, Thanks for all your help. I managed to get to 2.85ghz stable on the cpu @1.45v after a bit of testing, but only managed to get to 524mhz on the ram with trying sharps other timings, managed to clock it a little higher but had to lower the cpu slightly with dividers so ended up with less performance...didnt realise how much of a bottleneck the cpu is for 3d stuff.
  2. Sorry about that should have posted a bit more detail: fbb = 300 or actually comes out at 301.3 hammer fid = 9.5x htt= 3x ram is on a multiplier 166mhz: 10:12? i guess. Vcore 1.44v Cheers sharp, I will give those a go and see if i can edge a few more mhz out of it. Trfc is set to the lowest all redy... 14.
  3. Yeah, i thought as much, got mine at 2.66v, less is defintaly more with these. Ok I managed to get the cpu to 2.85ghz, some how decided it was going to be stable, not that im complaining. Gona do a proper stability test later, only tired prime 6hours, and couple of games + 3dmark. Ok, i got the ram 480mhz, with tcl 2.5 everything else the same. I know im being lazy here, but would there be that much of a difference in changing to tcl3 and going up another 50mhz or so? I cant get it to post with any tigherter timeings then that evern at ddr400. Have noticed a whole 1-2 fps on average increase in games, guess that is form the higher cpu clock.
  4. Thaks guys, Techno; yeah the vdimms only go up 3.2v, so mite be enough, but not sure if im happy with putting 3.2v into my ram...I am a poor student so if i break anything its no computer for me for a while.:sad: From what i gather, infinitys arent too bad..they lack some of the more advanced settings in bios and voltage regulations for extreme tweeking but get the job done to a reasonable level, never had a problem with it. wevsspot; thanks i had a look at the thread, I will giv Tasr a pm n see if he had got ne info to hand. O yeah just noticed, in my sig that i did put its 2x1gb ram modules.
  5. Ok, thaks for the info. I had ago at getting my cpu clock as high as possable. managed to get to 2.8 stable, but thats at 1.45v. tried to go 2.85/2.9, posts and boots into windows but one core failed prime95 in less then a min, other ones seams to be quite happy...kinda anoying. even tried 1.5v and changing the ht settings, but thougth it safe to leave it at that, was expecting sparks to fly at any second.BSOD on anything above 2.9. Read up on this 170 LCB9E and this seams about norm...gutted. I know this brigs up the age old question of bandwith vs tight timings, but any of you guys feel either way? I alway thougth timings were more important in AMDs?
  6. ok thanks, I never thought of doing it that way round. I will give it a go, I red somewhere that most of the newer opterons wont clock past 2.7ish area? After AMD clocked onto the fact that people were clocking the balls of them.
  7. Hey Guys, Im a little bit new to the overclocking and forum thing, and was woundering if any of you guys would be able to help? Got a bit of an outdated setup as you can see by my sig, but am trying to get the most out of it as posable, i dont think i will be able to get anything new for a min. I have got my cpu at 2.7ghz @1.41v, wont post at 2.75ghz, so I gues this is the cpu or mb limit not sure which. But am trying to sort my ram out which is where i need the help. Currently have it a 1:1 with cpu so is 543mhz and with these timings/setup: Tcl:3 Trcd:3 Trp:2 Trc:8 Tras:5 Trfc:14 Trrd:2 Twr:2 Twtr:1 Trwt:2 Twcl:1 Dram output Strength: week level7 Max asynclatency 8ns Rccd permable time: 5ns Dynamic Idle cycle counter 16clks DDr DQ drive strength: 50% reduction Pdl delay Ajust: auto Dll speed overide: auto Also running a 1T If anyone could sugest anything to make these tighter/more efficient i would really apriciate it. Am using a DFI infinity sli nf4 mb btw Thanks for reading.
  8. Yeah, i realised that after taking off the side of my case. There dosnt seam to be anything in the bios that i could see either to do with sli. Only thing i have found is in the nvidia controll pannel asking if i want to enable sli then i need to get a second graphics card. Is there any way to do a diagnostic for graphics, like memtest86 for ram kinda thing?
  9. Thanks SPKQQY, i didnt think to check the jumpers, just assumed it would be setup out of the box for non sli, i will have a look and see. Would make a lot of sence if it was the jumpers. Yay! i can order my new graphics card..... Thanks guys.
  10. hey, thanks for the info. Yeah thats what i thought about it running in 8x only in sli mode and for a single graphics card it should be in 16x. I checked in the nvidia controll pannel and it says the card is running a 8x? I have also found nothing official that says the 8800 requires 16x just a few people mentioning that it wouldnt work in other forums, wasnt sure if that was true or not. Ok, so it should work either way on an 8x slot if that is all my mobo will provide, so i guess its an order and hope it works?
  11. Hey Everyone. I am in a bit of a prediciment... I have been scraping togother the pennys in hope of buying a new graphics card, I think i am going to get a evga 8800gts. The only thing is, I realised just before ordering the card, whether or not my mobo supports it. I know this sound like a bit of a simple question but just want to make sure. Under the spec is says that it has a full 16x PICe lanes on 2 slots and under sli mode it will only support 8x on each Pcie slot, which is fair enough, but at the moment Cpuz says my current graphics card is running at 8x? Is this jsut that it dosnt require any more than 8x bandwith or is my mobo restriceted to 8x per pci slot. I havnt been able to find anythig on the web to say either way and was woundering if any one knew for sure as apparently the 8800 series will not work on 8x pcie, it would be greatly apriciated if any one could help. Thanks
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