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  1. Thanks for the info. Im gonna turn this beast off, plug that in and see where it goes from there. J
  2. I recently upgraded to a Lanparty Expert. Seeing that there are 2 PCIe slots, I got myself 2 graphic cards. Im currently running 2x 7950 gx2, and I was reading something in the manual that made me question something. In the manual it references a 4 pin connector on the board above the top PCIe slot. Its printed on the board as a fan plug, but in the manual it advises me to plug a 4 pin FDD connector in here for sli. Does anyone else have this board with sli that can comment. I do not have the pins plugged in.... Thanks in advance for the help J
  3. Thanks for the great advice. Thats really helpful. Should I return it to Ultra and state that it is Misrepresented on their web site? It specifically states Extreme Overclocking memory modules I have resolved the problem I was having. The memory overclocks quite well, and I got my Opty to 2.8ghz on a test run. Im in the process of building my water cooler and case ATM. You can follow my progress from start to finish. Thanks again for the help guys - the trouble was in ram timings. Im not the most knowledgeable on ram info, and google was returning little or no info on some of the timing definitions. J
  4. My 1st question is if anyone has an Idea what FSB speeds this board can handle. I know that there is some variance board to board, but is there a general consensus? I am having the worst trouble getting this to boot much past 240fsb. The ram required tweaking, the NB / NB=>SB voltages were all changed to highest available. The model of ram I have is ULT31088, and If I cannot figure this out shortly Im going to scrap this board and ram and go back to my Abit Nf-95. I really like this board, and Im hoping that it has the potential I read about when I bought it. J
  5. As a new owner of DFI mobo, I decided that you guys would be the experts, so Ill try to do my best to outline my troubles. The components I have are listed in my sig. Overclocking on this board has been a headache of huge proportions. I have set HT/Cpu multi/Ram dividers at the lowest settings, everything else is auto. The highest fsb I can get booted into windows is 250. When I get there CPUz reports that my cpu multi is 9x, when I know for a fact I set it at 4x. The NB/SB are running around 60c (At all times oc'd or not) - So I get a 250fsb. I restart, enter the bios, and change the memory to be at DDR 416. which is not a huge overclock from the base of 400. The bios than fails boot until the fsb gets below 220ish. During normal operation at stock speeds, I have no trouble aside from the hot MB/SB If anyone has any knowledge of this low fsb issue, please fill me. I am unsure of the bios I am using, and if someone with similar board/setup is having great success, please let me know the release date. Ill try anything at this point. Many thanks in advance. J
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