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  1. hello all, i baught DFI Infinity ULTRAII M2G and i am going to buy Corsair ddr800 but on the box of mobo, it says that it's full compatible with ddr667...so is my ram will function to DDR800 normaly or it will be blocked to ddr667 ? i havent update my bios yet because on the site of DFI, the updates available don't show the fixes except "Adjust for 65nm cpu O.C." or "1.Improving SATA port signal integrity. 2.Enhance DDR compatibility when using 4 DDR modules. and i have an another question, now,there are 3 update of the bios,if i take the most recent update, the fixes of olders updates will be present in the last update? please help me ! :angel: sorry for the faults...
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