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  1. Apologies for any confusion. I work on the assumption that you will have read the stickies in the forums you need. If not then let us know so we can be less brief and also remind you to read the stickies.


    Suedenim, the other stick that i bought was false, it looked like a pair of ocz el ddr platinum but the chips were at standart timmings at 3-4-4-8 (sisoft sandra confirmed), i searched in the ocz page and found that these are the timmings for the ocz value series:confused: :confused: :confused: so... it looked like somewhere, somehow these chips where sticked with the platinum cooper and identification and sold like platinum series:mad: the shop refunded me.i'm gonna buy 2x1gb gskill zx series like your's and wanna know if they work well in this board with bios 711??


  2. Are you sure that your RAM is working right? Do you have done a long (at least 8 hours ) run of memtest? Your issues may be caused by something not related to the vid card…


    Is your system overclocked? Voltages are set right? And temperatures?


    I found my system a little more stable putting a little overclock on the AGP ( 67 Mhz).


    Someone reported that disabling AGP Fast Write may solve some issues.


    But I still think it may be something related to your PSU. How do you connect the vid card? I’m using the PCI-E 6 pin power cable. I’ve noticed that using the two molex cable adapter doesn’t assure you enough power especially if there are HD on the same power line.



    yeap,i just used the PCI-E 6 pin power cable directly from the PSU, played CS source at 1280/1024 for about 4 minutes and then...reboot:(

    just tried the card in another agp sistem from a friend, it played very well CS source at 1600/9.... proving that the problem is not with the card itself:confused: it's normal the earlier bios of this board (604,711) not detecting the 2048Mb (4x512) ???? that's why i had to install this last one, i think it's the beta...


  3. i thought about the PSU but my 6600gt can play cs source whithout a problem in the same resolution:confused: ah, i forgot to mention... now, the 7800gs+ can operate well in OS and curiousely it can play soldiers of fortune 2 but when i try to play stalker or call of juarez or cs source or something whith newer engines (DX9) after a minute or two,it reboots:sad:

    anyone please:sad:

  4. in my sistem (sig) i added more memory (2x 512) but the sistem didn't recognized the 2 gigas:confused: so i updated to the last bios to detect it... now, only with this last bios i can have the 4x512mb but without the 7800gs+ card:sad: i had to re use my old 6600gt for the sistem functioning and stability...i think there's some incompatibility with the new bios and the 7800gs card:rolleyes:

    what can i do?

    (sry my bad english)


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