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  1. So was there a resolution of the problematic ? "Like so wise would it be to try to fix something like a toaster with still the juice in, whatever was the bread breed, I am wondering still with time clocking over". (albiss)
  2. You might try what's below though even if it's relating to motherboards. To me, it's the same "wrong MS _business". The idea is to "neutralize" the IDE channel. You might do the same for the audio & video. But be sure to do so before unpluging the HD. You boot in SafeMode and Windoz should start recognizing what ever stuff you have to present "to the king":cool: TweakXP.com Before you swap out the current motherboard go to device manager and select the IDE ATA/ATAPI Controller and select your current storage controller. Right click, select update driver and select install from a list or specific location. Click don't search I will choose the driver to install and select the standard dual channel IDE controller. This will prevent the inaccessible boot device blue screen. With this method, booting the first time with the new motherboard should be done in Safe mode. XP will install the drivers it needs and you can install the new motherboard drivers. I would suggest accessing the motherboard web site to get the latest drivers and bios updates rather than use the CD media included with the MB. The CD is usually a couple of revisions behind the latest updates.
  3. Sadly interesting, I will ever believe we get what we paid for. Some, "noname" company are making money over the mass by bypassing the lines of duties. Those lines don't stipulate: let us make some money by buying less than 20 cheap capacitors & making some crap motherboards. They DON'T Design For Innovations. But for their own Bank Accounts. The Visionaries are TRYING to make something Heavy-Duty composed with something like 50 Pure Jap Capacitors. They are trying to build something and believe Their name will be there in sometime like a thousand years. My 2 cents. (for what it counts):cool:
  4. Hi people, first time here and proud of it. THIS SITE IS GREAT. OK enough with flowers.(but it’s true,,,not funny though) I’m having a problem with standby in XP. If in BIOS I opt for S3 then, when I wake up “the thing”, I lose the OC so to say from 2500MHz to 1955MHz. If S1 then everything is OK but, sorry to bother, the fans never stop while in standby, for both settings. My last board was an Asus A8N-SLI and that issue was not. (but just to mention, no regret I switched ) I’ve tried some hours Googling with no results. Both the mouse & keyboard are not allowed to bring the “thing” out of standby, in the device manager. I’ve tried both Nvidia 9371 and MSI 7645 drivers without success . I’ve tried a fresh install of XP on a “third party” partition with no go. I am now wondering if there is something I missed in the BIOS ? BIOS is up to date. Last thing but not the least, my system is only juiced by two power plugs currently, those two MOLEX are not “hotted” and everything is RockStable(Prime95, Pi, Memtest,…). What is the big deal about those two ? Any input will be like fresh air+water in a dry desert. Thanks for your time. (hope is the answer isn’t in The Forum) AlBiss P.S. If ever my “typed English” sounds a little weird, please put it over the fact I was born & still live in TheFrench community of North America: Quebec.
  5. BINGO!!! :cool: But seriously, give a try to the PS/2 adapter & see. Seems quite easy to make indeed. http://pinouts.ru/InputCables/usb_ps2_mouse_pinout.shtml http://pinouts.ru/Inputs/KeyboardPC6_pinout.shtml Thanks to let This Forum know!
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