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  1. Thanks.. well I don't know how to take off the Cooler lol so I'm going to sell it as barebone.. Case, Mobo, CPU, Cooler, might throw in also the Psu and the ram ..
  2. Hey guys sorry.. but what is a good price to sell at barebone and complete ?
  3. Up for sale or trade (dell or apple laptop) Is my 1 year old built well maintained system. I would sell as it is or would sell barebone (Case, Mobo, CPU, Cooler, PSU) For $350 + Shipping CASE. Antec 900 "Ultimate Gamer Case" MOBO. DFI LanParty UT nF4 SLI-DR Expert BIOS. Official NF4 (4/06) CPU. AMD Opteron 165 CCBBE 0610 DPMW @ 2.7ghz stock volts Check the history on CCBBE 0610 DPMW is known to be the best 165 chip to reach 3.0ghz and over. SINK. Scythe Ninja Plus Rev.B + SilenX Ixtrema Pro 90cfm/18dba RAM. G.Skill F1-4000USU2-2GBHZ [2x1GB] (UCCC) [3-4-4-8] VIDEO. eVGa 7950GT 256mb HD. WD 250GB Sata | WD 200gb Sata DRIVE NEC Black DVD+/-RW ND-3540A - IDE SCREEN. Acer al1916w 19" lcd/widescreen 1440x900 PSU. Antec TruePower-II 430w Everything would be $600 + Shipping I will be taking pictures over the weekend. Here are some pictures of the items when I first got them.
  4. Hello guys I've been out the game for a while Is there a new BIOS for my mobo presently ?
  5. According to Apple's license, OSX is to be installed/used ONLY on Apple systems (whether G5 or Intel). Do not post links or threads here about non-legit, license-violating software please.
  6. Hardstyle House - hard.fm Party93.5 stream them
  7. I still haven't bought it .. opty 165 oc'ed to 2.7 stock volts and the antec truepower-ii 420w still holding off.. and the prices haven't gone down for the corsair im actually saving for a MBP
  8. Yup it doesnt.. I was sent the spreadsheet.. but its practically some of that info are already on this thread. And its outdated, so it might not work for you (new bios)
  9. So its really hard if 1 thing in all those settings can screw it up = But at least I have 2.7 on stock volts that the guy i bought this mobo from had saved in BIOS
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