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  1. If you're going with the E4300, you might as well check out buy.com and type in "E4400". It's selling now for 157.99. Sign up for Google Checkout and get it for 147.99 shipped. (If you already have a google checkout, just make up another email addy and sign up with the same info) If you want to go with the E6420, you should wait until April 22nd when they drop the prices to $183. ($133/$113 for the E4400/E4300 respectively)
  2. I plan on building a desktop with the specs located in my sig. I was wondering if the Antec Basiq 500W is sufficient enough. I plan on OCing but nothing too crazy. Thanks for your replies in advance.
  3. I'll keep you guys updated on the Patriots. I'll probably be getting my system up and running sometime around April 25th (waiting for the 4/22 price drop on a E6420). I also got the DFI Infinity P965 as the motherboard, so I'm sure that a lot of people will be interested in the results with the newly released components and all. This is actually the first system that I'm building. Even though I've been using and dreaming about computers since I was in jr high (10+ years ago), I feel like a noob.
  4. After reading this, I've decided to stick with the Patriots that I bought. Thanks for your speedy replies! Although I've only been around these forums for a week, I've learned a lot. Thanks!
  5. I have currently purchased this. I was wondering if I should return that and get this instead. Or does anyone know of a better ram for a similar price? I am going to use a DFI Infinity P965 and an Intel E6420 or E6320. Thanks
  6. Which mobo is better for the E6600 and why? (I don't plan on using SLI)
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