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  1. the via 4 in 1 drivers might be conflicting with the video
  2. Tiger Direct carries a good one, the haupagin, had it in a catalog and heard from some friends of mine in Texas that its a rather cool little card, costed something like $25, and added radio, tv cable, and tv in...... I wanted to get one myself, I can shoot u the link when I find it
  3. im using the mboard, I learned not to install the via 4 in 1 drivers when I had win2k installed, the 4 in 1 drivers corrupted win2k and I had to reinstall win2k...... I than went to xp, runs much better without 4 in 1 drivers installed, and I get frame rates in UT much better than my original board
  4. first of all, DDR is better as bass said, but you shouldnt risk getting DDR now, cause second you get your board, boom, your gonna be behind, the new DDR standard is gonna be out like, in a few days, hours, never know..... as said, the IWILL XP333 is comming out, and its best to wait for that board or another 333 board, and get the new ddr ram with it as well.... cause u could get the ddr pc2100 ram, but when you plug it into a xp333 board, thats what it runs at, 2100, and you loose speed...... wait for the board and the pc3000 ddr memory before you go for the upgrade to ddr.
  5. Good fan is the Volcano7, im getting that when I get my Athlon XP 1900+....... suggestion incase u cant get the volcano 7 though, try to get a Dragon ORB, they are dualy fans.... work great too...... also, dont forget to get a tube of quick silver or another grease or paste for the CPU and fan, it usually adds more cooling, and can usually prevent a burn out!
  6. RDRAM is better only in a few aspects as DrOverclock said, its faster (400mhz) than DDR (266mhz, at moment)... But in a way DDR is close to the tie, being able to be overclocked, not just restricted to one processor type, and being cheaper than RDRAM..... personally DDR is the way to go, but RDRAM has its advantages, you decide =]
  7. wicked nice guide to making a plexi case, I liked it, think I will try it............ btw, hi guys =]
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