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  1. This and the supply choices you have made. :sad:
  2. The minimum psu i recommend for the 8800's is a thermaltake tough power series 750 watt....on up.
  3. The Buffalo ram might be part of your weak link. Corsair xms, kingston hyperx, crucial ect are better speed demons.
  4. Try with the side off, perhaps your card is heating up, but I think your short on the power side with that 500 watt. I would have matched the antecs 650 trio with your rig.
  5. Did you add any new hardware/software? Does the device manager have any conflicts?
  6. thanks I am 99% sure the plug goes to the firewire port in front of the case, it also has a usb- 3 wire and a ground, and i think i am reading the dfi manual correctly as to were to put them on the mainboard.. the front audio and earphone leeds i wont bother with.
  7. greetings I have a plug coming from which looks like the front firewire panel on my aspire tower case, and the expert lanparty has a 1394 torwards the bottom of the board. same 9 pin, will fit, i guess i should just try it?
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