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  1. 2003 Dodge Dakota R/T Stampede Mainly stock at the moment, K&N intake, chip.. I have a long list of things to install when the weather gets better
  2. FSP Group 600 watts or better you need 48V on the 12V rail otherwise the system will run like butt.
  3. Fixed memory hole, and 2t timing , 1 more bios flash, all though my vista score Dropped =./ I will tweak. ty!
  4. Ok, I dunno why my post was nuked. I have 4x OCZ DDr 500 1024 sticks, my NF4D with latest bios revision will not Read it as 4gb, I pulled off my bios jumper *red one* pc booted with 4gb but with checksum error, I fix the error in bios and the mem goes from reading at 4gb to 3.4gb... any ideas? 2t timing is on.
  5. yes, it has to be a floppy for the bios I think. I've always done mine with either Winflash *which you cant do because your pc is crashed* or a floppy which is the most conventional way to update a bios. usually the DFi bios files have an exe that auto preps a floppy for flashing.
  6. Hey I had an NF4-D do that on me, I picked up a bios virus somewhere a while back, a bios flash fixed it might want to try flashing.
  7. Hey- 1st post here on DIY street, i had some over on D_FIstreet before. anyways I puckered up loaded vista 64 and bought another 2gb of ram. I put all 4 matching sticks in and my bios recognizes 3gb of ram and the 4th stick works. I memtested all 4 sticks no errors. I have my CPC Disabled and all my clock speeds on auto , voltage is on 2.80V at DFi's reccomendation. I'm Stumped at this point why I cannot boot up all 4 gigs of ram, Windows will not load with the 3gb variable... Any help here would be fantastic, I have 4gb on my other pc and BF2 is just a better game with more ram.
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