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  1. Hi, I just stumbled upon this thread. I have had this problem on my Asus A8R-MVP with 1 Hitachi 7K80 sata 2 drive. I would get the timeout errors and resulting paging errors now and again. Enabling NCQ made the errors happen very quickly and the southbridge overvolt did not seem to help. I solved the problem by changing the SATA mode to sata 150 with the Hitachi feature tool, other drives may use a jumper. I think the ULI M5288 SATA controller is very sensitive to noise, the problems I experienced were only at 250+ htt. This would also explain the incidents of this problem on different boards with different pcb design etc. I think its a hardware problem that no bios or driver can fix. I haven't heard of this problem with the ULI M5289 SATA controller in the M1697 chipset. I was thinking of buying another drive for raid 0 but after reading this thread I have decided not to. Cheers
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