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  1. I dont know if the CFX3200 is similar to the Ultra-d but i had trouble installing 2 pairs of different ram and it was no good. Some say because it go different SPD description. I since gave up and got me a pair of 1g from gskill.
  2. You can go to xtremesystem.org and check on my posts. Im kinda new here. is heatware my system description?
  3. For sale because i just got a new Opteron 180 and 2x1gig ram and have no use for them now. FX55 can o/c to 2.94ghz in my Ultra-d on air using XP-120. Athlon 3500 stable at 2.6ghz using XP-120. Opteron 165 havent tested so much but could produce 2.6ghz. GSKILL 1GBLE TCCD 2x512 tested stable at 280mhz at 2.5-3-3-7 2.8v GSKILL 1GBGH BH UTT 2x512 stable at 245mhz at 2-2-2-5 3.3v both ram tested using FX55. prices are FX55=180.00 SOLD 3500=70.00 Opteron 165=160.00 1GBLE=100.00 1GBGH=100.00 will accept money order or deposit in bank account. all price does not include shipping, shipping all items by usps.
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