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  1. Something else strange with this card is that I cannot underclock it either by using NTune or RivaTuner as when I do the screen goes black and then shows a message "No Signal". I then have to soft reboot the machine, go into safe mode and remove the 7600GT driver from within Device Manager, before being able to get the display working again. Any ideas why I can't underclock this pos?
  2. OK I used ATI Tools and all Powerstrip. The clock and mem on the board appear to be running at the correct speed. I've attached a image which shows some signs of artifacting - how can I stop this?
  3. volt mod on the 7600GT ? It was bought as new, I picked it up from the store. The mobo is (unfortunately) made that way, but I'm in the process of replacing it with the DFI, if I can get the thing to POST with the Q6600 in it.
  4. the motherboard has a shared agp/pci-e slot so the agp runs at x8 and the pci-e runs at x4. I'm going to try it in my DFI shortly to see if the restriction on the speed is a contributing factor as to why its causing a problem
  5. great. how do i find out what the stock settings should be for this card?
  6. I thought it was some benchmarking or overclocking tool that I had never come across. lol.
  7. will that permanently change the mem clock? I mean not like once the machine is switch off that the card resorts back to the original setting? And what is cereus? never heard of it. Ah I think you mean curious.
  8. How did you achieve the mem clock change? what software did you use in the end?
  9. if its SP2 for XP then 256MB is bare minimum. Have you check with IBM to see if your mobo is compatible with XP Pro? There were a few instances of early P3 boards that were not compatible and crashed when installations were being carried out.
  10. Man, do I agree with that. It such a pain to get your hands into the case and manipulate the leads on those pesky pins. Quite a wise move by Asus to enable this tiresome chore to be a cinch. My next board may just be another Asus if this DFI thing don't post.
  11. yeh I would second the RAM opinion here. I've got XP SP1 running on a P3 733mhz with 512MB RAM. Its not a games machine per se more an internet and email machine.
  12. Will the Q6600 fire up on this motherboard?
  13. have u tried seeing if FEAR online works? I have the same card and have had major grief with it. I don't think my next card will be from XFX tbh.
  14. Quick thing to try is to unplug the box and then reset the bios. There should be a jumper on the motherboard to do this or alternatively remove the battery wait 30 mins and then reinsert. Once this has been done, try to turn on the machine. Also make sure that you remove the power cable (kettle lead) before doing all of the above.
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