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  1. ha, sorry. up all night cramming for political science makes me read things wrong. i was a little overzealous in my spouting of facts. sorry! I hate college!
  2. I've got two 7600GT's rigged for SLI. My roommate has the same setup and can view the temperature of both of his GPU's but I can only really view the temperature of one. Is anybody familiar with the NVIDIA management software/menus or how to fix this problem? I'm not really worried about overheating, but it would be nice to know for a fact that I'm not overheating
  3. I have two eVGA 7600GT's. I scored a 5600 with one alone and 10,140 with SLI. and the 7600GT is 256mb, not 128 for whoever said that. The best part about them is, you can get TWO for less than the price of ONE 7900 or 7950!
  4. just ran 3DMark05 and got a 10,140! Not as good as my roommate's but that's b/c my DFI mobo only runs the two PCI-E slots at 8x for SLI, his run at 16x. Thanks for your help guys! These forums rock!
  5. yeah, I kind of figured that out lol. the manual for my mobo is horribly written. when they detail how to configure SLI they conveniently leave out that you have to move those six jumpers lol. Thanks for the help though, my SLI works wonderfully now!
  6. I have a brand new computer I built less than a month ago and I decided to save 20 bucks and buy a DFI Infinity SLI-M2 instead of an ASUS. Despite having no SATA cables, I have no major complaints so far. Except when my second EVGA 7600 GT came in today. About an hour ago I installed them and went into the BIOS to try and select SLI mode. Am I just an idiot or is SLI mode really freakin' hard to find? I mean, my two CS major roommates couldn't even find how to enable SLI and one of them has the same two video cards I have AND is running SLI! In case you didn't want to read through my whiny paragraph above, here is the short version: enabling SLI on a DFI Infinity SLI-M2 mobo with two EVGA 7600 GT cards. Please help!!!:confused:
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