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  1. Thank you for your reply. I know that they are really different but I was wondering if there's a way to make them work side by side.
  2. No one with a suggested move for me to do?
  3. Hi all, I would like to have info about this little annoying problem of mine.... I have 4 sticks of RAM 2x512 GSkill GH (Winbond UTT) and 2x512 Geil UltraX (TCCD) as in my signature. Used to have just a pair for some circumstances and the other in different cases. Now I would like to have full 4 of them at one time but my beauty doesn't boot. She gives the signal of "DRAM error" (long beep). Is there a way to have this thing working? Thank you all.
  4. I had a strange issue about this "floppy story"... All set up for first boot (at those times) and I didn't even notice that floppy was a "no-go". Installed Windows, Linux, all their stuff and then I though: "well let's update this BIOS"... So I started to fight with this damn floppy that was recognized by XP (and after some times by Vista) but was not working at all... To make a long story short I played in the BIOS with first and second floppy enabled/disabled and then with floppy swapping... I ended up enabling both floppy (first and second) when I obviously have just only ONE, and then enabling floppy swap (A to B and vice-versa). Now Windows (XP and Vista) and Linux recognize this hellish device correctly and are able to copy, read, format and whatever you can want from a little, noisy, crappy floppy drive. Never changed my cable or RMA-ed it. Sound silly isn't it?
  5. Added myself also. Venus #761, Rome - Italy. Nice to meet you all. --------------------- DFI UT SLi-DR Venus #761 BIOS 406 (04/06/2006) - AMD A64 FX-55 SanDiego 0513MPMW [email protected] (Mach II subzero on DFI SLi-DR) - GSkill GH UTT 1T/[email protected] 3.6V - Geil UltraX TCCD 1T/[email protected] 2.66V - 2x GeForce [email protected]/1720 SLi - OCZ ModStream 520W
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