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  1. have you considered not going with the gtx, since the gt/gts perform about the same for less?
  2. the p35/pentium dual core is a sweet combo. unfortunately i was "only" able to get 3ghz out of the processor, and it was the stepping with the higher temperature thresh. i very much compare this intel build to my budget amd build. a buddy of mine has basically the same setup except his processor is a [email protected], so i'm trying to get him to run some benches so i can compare the two in gaming.
  3. lol screw that...i think i realized that there are enough older motherboards that won't even get a bios update. i'm sure it would be a tantilizing review though.
  4. i like the unlocked multi idea too, but i also bought a 65 dollar intel chip coupled with a 99 dollar motherboard and turned a 1.6 into a 3.0 and many others have done 3.2-3.4... it's hard for amd to be in the game right now when things look like that in the low end and look a hell of a lot worse in the high end. now if they had a good 65nm cpu that was 50-60 bucks and oc to 3.4 (which they do but not for 50 bucks), and had a reliable and overclockable board that would fully support the phenom (respins) for under 100, i'd maybe still think about it. saving a few bucks there and going with a 3800 series would make an appreciable difference i think, if you were going for a cheap and quiet setup and were a huge amd douche like me, although there is no way in hell even if that was the case, that i would recommend amd (3800, yes) for any build anymore. i think amd screwed all types of up by hyping up the phenom and then having this happen. if they could at least show something promising by getting some re-spins out there and letting people benchmark them as soon as possible, things may start looking better, but for now, amd is out of the question for me.
  5. nice, haha. i think you made it too easy there tasr, you should've just gave up the link to google.
  6. does anyone have any reviews or benchies on how well the phenom performs in an older am2 board (non 790 chipset)? i am totally not considering upgrading yet, but it would be nice to know if such an upgrade would even be worth it once the clock speeds are up or the dual/tri core chips are out.
  7. yeah i just ordered one...we'll see if it works. thanks
  8. did they change over the years or something? i've been having trouble trying to make a simple dos boot disk on vista 64 for my external hd so i said screw it and grabbed the floppy off another computer, well, i go to plug it in and the pin outs don't match...my board has 17 pins across the bottom and 17 across the top and the cable has the 5th pin filled in, so it won't work. the other two old computers in my house do not have the same pin outs on their motherboards..wtf???
  9. well, i can tell you that regular tv will look at little worse, but it's no big deal. fortunately my tv was able to find quite a few digital and hd channels, so i'm not too dissapointed. personally i would go with something that is 1080p because to me, 1360x728 doesn't look as good on a 32" than it does on a 19" (comparing it to 1440x900). someone makes a 32" 1080p which is pretty sweet. for the most part you're gonna find 1080p lcd's in 37" or 42" (mine is 42"). it'll cost at least $1000 for something like that (i got mine for 899 at tigerdirect). obviously you're gonna want hdmi input because a lot of the time the tv's wont accept anything over 1360/728 through vga. if it has dvi, even better. the thing i love most is the pip thing where you can change the input to whatever you want and the size of the pip. basically, hdtv is the way to go, it's leaps and bounds above my old 19" lcd monitor.
  10. so when does the audio work for these cards? all the time or only in gaming/movies?
  11. actually it's because it's a single-link cable as there isn't much of anything out there that actually uses dual-link. well just wanted to say thanks but i finally got it working using the dvi-hdmi cable that i bought. it seems that i have to screw the posts in for it to work or else it's intermittent. after i got that working, i started messing around and i got the hdmi working. i unplugged the dvi-hdmi cable and when i restarted, no more worky. oh well, this is good enough. by the way, this monitor is awesome, i can do picture in picture with different inputs, so i can hook up two computers and do split screen, or i can watch hdtv while i play games, or whatever, and the pip size is customizeable.
  12. ok so the dvi-hdmi cable is actually single link dvi-d. i'm gonna try messing with refresh rates and lower resolutions, but i don't think that's the problem.
  13. yeah i just read that you can't get 1080p through component. i am finally able to get 1080p when forcing it through the dvi-vga so i'm not so upset anymore. i'm confused on what you mean by switching to the right hdmi port, i have tried both hdmi ports on the tv and both dvi ports on the graphics card. i went out and bought a dvi to hdmi cable and ccc recognizes the tv but it basically flashes on for a split second and then goes blank for a few more and repeats this process while it's connected. i noticed that the dvi side has less pins than the ati hdmi/dvi adapter, i wonder if maybe i need to find one that has all the pins. i am thinking that the dvi/hdmi adapter is messed up somehow. i have an 8800gt for another rig coming in a few days, so i could always try it out on that.
  14. ccc does not recognize it at all through hdmi. i am unable to run 60hz in 1080 through component =(. i got rid of my other monitor because i can run picture in picture (50/50) using vga on one side and hdmi on the other. i tried this using two seperate computers and it worked fine. i am really thinking its the graphics card now, but if a local store has a cheap dvi-hdmi cable, i will give that a shot.
  15. just ordered a palit 8800 gt with the different cooler for another system, i'm so pissed i bought this 2900pro a month ago.
  16. just want to add that i tried my sister's laptop through hdmi and it worked fine, but when i switch over to my pc, i get nothing. strangely, through the laptop, i am not able to apply any resolutions higher than the native monitor resolution (1440x900) or 720p. when i use my pc with the vga cable, the max i get is 13xx X 7xx and when i use my pc with the component cables, i can do 1080i but no p. i am going to try using rivatuner/powerstrip to see if i can force it through the vga or component and prolly buy a dvi-hdmi cable and see if that works. if it's the graphics card, then i guess i'll return it.
  17. hi, sorry for the long post. i'm trying to hook up my computer to an hdtv in 1080 using the hdmi cable. i tried it on my dad's projection and it showed the bios on the tv the first time i booted up the computer, except everything was purple instead of green, there was no picture after the bios. i tried switching back between both hdmi inputs on the tv and both dvi outputs on the card (it came with the ati dvi-hdmi converter) and nada, i tried forcing the tv as a secondary monitor and a slew of other options, nothing. i now just bought a 42" vizio 1080p lcd and the hdmi doens't work for it either. my sister used to hook up her laptop (8600gt), to the tv and she says now it doesn't work. what is going on!!! i have a feeling it's the cable, because i'm pretty sure i hooked up my computer to my buddies' 32" 720 and it worked. what do you guys suggest?
  18. it was $264 from newegg. looks like they upped the price and it's back in stock now. let me also add that for some reason i can't get the clocks up as high as they were before. today i realized i installed the wrong 80mm fan by accident, so i swapped it and all of a sudden the card would error after 10 seconds of gameplay or so. i tried messing with pci-e frequencies, upping the voltages through ati tool, turning up the fan speed to 100% and even installed a ducted 92mm tornado blowing into that bastard... nothing. so now my clocks are stable at 750/1000 from 820/1100. oh well, still a little better than an xt. is it possible that after too many fragments or errors or whatever that the gpu core or ram could yield crappier clocks? if so that's what i get for rushing and trying everythign possible to get 900/1200 =(. wonder how those 2950's are gonna do with the 256 bit memory interface and the 8800gt time will tell.
  19. i picked up a saphire 2900 pro the second i saw it and i am extremely impressed. temps ARE THE SAME as my old x1950 pro (40c-60c), and best of all, it overclocks RIDICULOUSLY even on my rosewill 600w power supply (keep them comin'). i had my core up to 850's but the room was a bit hot and i had to bring it down a little, today it's much cooler out so i'll try to get a 3dmark06 run with 850 core. i would see fragments when the memory was at 1200mhz (x2), but 1100 is very stable. this is all of course up from the stock 600/800 to 820/1100 right now. i am using the latest ati tool beta to set the overclock when windows starts up as well as the fan speeds, must say it works great! some people have talked about flashing to the xt bios, but apparently, this will result in lower performance due to memory timings. i would be really curious to see what these cards could do with maybe a tweaked bios and a little voltage increase. also waiting on the new 7.10 drivers which supposedly will increase performance dramatically. anyway, only mods i made to the card was change the paste to mx-2 and have a 80mm fan ducted to the card as well, although i doubt it makes much of a difference with the blower of a fan that's already in there.
  20. go with coretemp (it reads from the DTS or Digital Temperature Sensor within the core), as most people report 10-15c lower with smart guardian (reads off the motherboard). seems most people try to keep the cores in the high 50's max when overclocking, but obviously, the lower you can get those temps, the longer that chips gonna last.
  21. lol, basically yes. the ocz would've been an outstanding choice, with those 4 rails and everything, but my problem lies in the switch/fan configuration, because i have a hole cut in my side panel that fits the current ac plug and fan perfectly. i also don't have too many resources or time due to my current and temporary location, so as long as i have enough power for the next few months, i'll be fine. soon as i get directx10, i'll upgrade(including my case, lol), most likely to the ocz 700w. even still, judging by my luck with the last two ps and the reviews of others, i'd have to say that maybe rosewill has considerably improved their power supplies (notice they recently came out with some very high end 4-rail models as well). i guess there's always the security of what's tried and true though, and that ocz is an excellent value as well. i figured out what my problem was with cat 7.5. it seems there is an issue where with the new drivers, 1440x900 @60hz is not recognized. poop. i'm gonna try 75hz tonight.
  22. wow, thanks for the tip. i didn't know that you could change things up like that for different voltages. i think my latest issues are from a corrupt hd from running the pci-e so high. i brought it down to 120mhz, ran diskcheck or whatever and re-installed some games and everything is a-ok. i went ahead and ordered a new ps, and a fan controller. i was 2 seconds from buying the ocz 600w, but i had originally chopped the top of my case off to make it smaller/easier to transport, and i mounted the ps where all the extra internal bays are, so i'd rather just go ahead and buy a ps that is going to match up the same and be the same length so i don't have to re-cut holes in my side panel. needless to say it's basically what i have now except 550w and more amps. i'll get something more badass on my next build.
  23. yeah you're right. i'm having some weird issues i still need to sort out. i was installing the new cat drivers when the system initially shut down and now i get this .mom implementation error at startup and suddenly my nfsc game errors and won't start (haven't re-installed yet), and also my gta 3 game won't play no matter what i try. i tried nfsc one more time and the system shut down out of no where again. gonna order that fan controller and a more powerful power supply just in case and leave that fan and some other accessories unplugged until then. also as a side note, as i was lookin around for a power supply, i noticed msi's new turbostream ps http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16817701007 looks ridiculously a lot (and the specs are the same) as the 500w rosewill stallion http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16817182044 either way i'm lookin for much more power than that.
  24. i would like to report that i am a retard. i just realized that i had the 4 pin motherboard connector plugged in sideways (how that's possible with the grooves is beyond me). i guess i did that after the computer shut down and i started messing with stuff. ends up the motherboard is fine and the power supply is fine as well. i hooked everything back up and started installing some games and realized my chipset temps were really high. seems the wires for the fan on my chipset popped out of where they were routed and stopped the fan from spinning. this probably caused my chipset to overheat which is why my system shutdown. in the end i am ordering a fan controller to hook that fan up directly to, but right now i have it setup the same as it was the first time (spliced into the fan header) and everything is a-ok. thanks!
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