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  1. have you considered not going with the gtx, since the gt/gts perform about the same for less?
  2. the p35/pentium dual core is a sweet combo. unfortunately i was "only" able to get 3ghz out of the processor, and it was the stepping with the higher temperature thresh. i very much compare this intel build to my budget amd build. a buddy of mine has basically the same setup except his processor is a [email protected], so i'm trying to get him to run some benches so i can compare the two in gaming.
  3. lol screw that...i think i realized that there are enough older motherboards that won't even get a bios update. i'm sure it would be a tantilizing review though.
  4. i like the unlocked multi idea too, but i also bought a 65 dollar intel chip coupled with a 99 dollar motherboard and turned a 1.6 into a 3.0 and many others have done 3.2-3.4... it's hard for amd to be in the game right now when things look like that in the low end and look a hell of a lot worse in the high end. now if they had a good 65nm cpu that was 50-60 bucks and oc to 3.4 (which they do but not for 50 bucks), and had a reliable and overclockable board that would fully support the phenom (respins) for under 100, i'd maybe still think about it. saving a few bucks there and going with a 3800 series would make an appreciable difference i think, if you were going for a cheap and quiet setup and were a huge amd douche like me, although there is no way in hell even if that was the case, that i would recommend amd (3800, yes) for any build anymore. i think amd screwed all types of up by hyping up the phenom and then having this happen. if they could at least show something promising by getting some re-spins out there and letting people benchmark them as soon as possible, things may start looking better, but for now, amd is out of the question for me.
  5. nice, haha. i think you made it too easy there tasr, you should've just gave up the link to google.
  6. does anyone have any reviews or benchies on how well the phenom performs in an older am2 board (non 790 chipset)? i am totally not considering upgrading yet, but it would be nice to know if such an upgrade would even be worth it once the clock speeds are up or the dual/tri core chips are out.
  7. yeah i just ordered one...we'll see if it works. thanks
  8. did they change over the years or something? i've been having trouble trying to make a simple dos boot disk on vista 64 for my external hd so i said screw it and grabbed the floppy off another computer, well, i go to plug it in and the pin outs don't match...my board has 17 pins across the bottom and 17 across the top and the cable has the 5th pin filled in, so it won't work. the other two old computers in my house do not have the same pin outs on their motherboards..wtf???
  9. well, i can tell you that regular tv will look at little worse, but it's no big deal. fortunately my tv was able to find quite a few digital and hd channels, so i'm not too dissapointed. personally i would go with something that is 1080p because to me, 1360x728 doesn't look as good on a 32" than it does on a 19" (comparing it to 1440x900). someone makes a 32" 1080p which is pretty sweet. for the most part you're gonna find 1080p lcd's in 37" or 42" (mine is 42"). it'll cost at least $1000 for something like that (i got mine for 899 at tigerdirect). obviously you're gonna want hdmi input because a lot of the time the tv's wont accept anything over 1360/728 through vga. if it has dvi, even better. the thing i love most is the pip thing where you can change the input to whatever you want and the size of the pip. basically, hdtv is the way to go, it's leaps and bounds above my old 19" lcd monitor.
  10. so when does the audio work for these cards? all the time or only in gaming/movies?
  11. actually it's because it's a single-link cable as there isn't much of anything out there that actually uses dual-link. well just wanted to say thanks but i finally got it working using the dvi-hdmi cable that i bought. it seems that i have to screw the posts in for it to work or else it's intermittent. after i got that working, i started messing around and i got the hdmi working. i unplugged the dvi-hdmi cable and when i restarted, no more worky. oh well, this is good enough. by the way, this monitor is awesome, i can do picture in picture with different inputs, so i can hook up two computers and do split screen, or i can watch hdtv while i play games, or whatever, and the pip size is customizeable.
  12. ok so the dvi-hdmi cable is actually single link dvi-d. i'm gonna try messing with refresh rates and lower resolutions, but i don't think that's the problem.
  13. yeah i just read that you can't get 1080p through component. i am finally able to get 1080p when forcing it through the dvi-vga so i'm not so upset anymore. i'm confused on what you mean by switching to the right hdmi port, i have tried both hdmi ports on the tv and both dvi ports on the graphics card. i went out and bought a dvi to hdmi cable and ccc recognizes the tv but it basically flashes on for a split second and then goes blank for a few more and repeats this process while it's connected. i noticed that the dvi side has less pins than the ati hdmi/dvi adapter, i wonder if maybe i need to find one that has all the pins. i am thinking that the dvi/hdmi adapter is messed up somehow. i have an 8800gt for another rig coming in a few days, so i could always try it out on that.
  14. ccc does not recognize it at all through hdmi. i am unable to run 60hz in 1080 through component =(. i got rid of my other monitor because i can run picture in picture (50/50) using vga on one side and hdmi on the other. i tried this using two seperate computers and it worked fine. i am really thinking its the graphics card now, but if a local store has a cheap dvi-hdmi cable, i will give that a shot.
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