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  1. jmc's NEW For sale thread prices lowered 12/05" WELCOME TOO JMC's FOR SALE THREAD 1)all prices are negotiable 2)Multiple item discounts available 3)will not ship international (too expensive and too much paper work) 4)HEAT is under jmc79830 7or8-0-0 right now. NEW ITEMS FS AND WTB!!! 550W super talent 16A/18A PSU $30>$25 intel xeon cooler (without hold downbracket) $8 http://img530.imageshack.us/img530/7793/1000803pu9.jpg Sold Items: HDD - 320Gb Maxtor 7200Rpm Sata HDD. SOLD To FatMagic @ DIY-STREET Case - Raidmax Sagitta Gaming Case SOLD To FatMagic @ DIY-STREET CPU - AMD FX-53 SOLD To knopflerbruce @[H]ard MOBO- DFI Lanparty UT Ultra D (no mods) SOLD To HITandRUN @DIY-STREET VID - nvidia NVS280 SOLD To Watertown28 @[H]ard Mobo- ASUS M2N-E SOLD too kopi CPU - AMD Opteron 1210 SOLD too kopi Vid - Nvidia Quadro PCI-E NVS 280 SOLD on another forum PSU - Super Talent 550Watt Dual 12v. rail PSU SOLD too Kopi RAM - 1GB Stick Of Geil 667 ram SOLD To Kopi Case - Nzxt Nemesis Elite Black SOLD too Renegade5399 HDD - Seagate 7200rpm 160Gb IDE hdd SOLD To Kopi Mobo ~~~ MSI P35 Neo-F (updated Bios) (comes LNIB W/ All acces. SOLD too moneyless CPU ~~~~ Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 stable at 3.5GHz at 500x7 @1.3v SOLD too moneyless Ram ~~~~ 2x 1GB 800 (5-5-5-15) Super talent ran over 1150mhz $65 SOLD too moneyless Cooler~~~TT BT W/silverstone FM121 SOLD too Standard. RAM~~~~2x512mb's of OCZ gold too the pook VID~~~~PNY GF6200 256MB DDR 8x AGP UIB $15 HDD~~~~Western Digital 80GB HDD $20 CPU~~~~Intel Pentium 4 2.8GHz CPU $20 RAM~~~~Various Assortment of sd ram CPU~~~~Various Cpus mainly all pentium 1 and 2 and amd k7's (350-550mghz) HDD~~~~Seagate 160GB external. RAM~~~~2x256 samsung RD-Ram (ck-7's) MOBO~~~intel MoBo Model # D845GEBV2/D845PESV Swiftech Apogee GTX TI-86 Graphing Calculator NVS-280 PCI-E (W/dual monitor cord) Samsung 931BW 19" WS monitor PS2 Games SOLD: Brothers in arms (Road too hill 30) Jak and Daxter (The precursor Legacy) Test Drive Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 Sprint Cars (Road too Knoxville)
  2. come on people, you know you want this am2 setup. so come one come all!!!
  3. replied back too ya. and also edited all the sold items. come on people not much left now.
  4. Bump and Maxtor hdd pending and also the sagitta gaming case all other items off the am2 build are still available, and also all the items off the 939 build are available except the fx-53 and the vid card.
  5. BUMP and updated things that were sold or pending
  6. Updated first post: SOLD FX-53 buy everything in my thread for $600 shipped
  7. New deal, if you buy one of the rigs I will throw in a bag of premium m&m's and a snickers bar but seriously, If you buy both I will lower the price too $575 shipped. with DC and Insured
  8. bumpity bump bump. come on people. you know you want this stuff.
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