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  1. hello all. I am having a strange issue, i was running a XFX 8800gts xxx edition 320mb card that i liked but it was having a little trouble with dragon age on high settings, so i decided to upgrade but i didnt want to spend much seeing as i play most games on my 360, anyway so after talking with a tech at XFX i decided to go with a hd 4770 512mb for $114 at newegg, i got the card yesterday and the first thing i did was run 3dmark on my 8800gts with the stock clocks then OCed, I then put in the hd 4770 and ran stock clocks on 3dmark....The new card actually scored less then my 8800 when it was OCed when the 8800 was stock the 4770 only scored 500 more marks... i dont know what the deal is i ran driversweep and removed all drivers in saftey mode and installed the latest ati drivers, now if you look at tomshardware video card comparison chart http://www.tomshardware.com/charts/gaming-...Score,1533.html there is over a 3000 mark difference,which i would be happy with, i am about to send this card back, can anyone think of something i might be doing wrong ...thanks
  2. mother board and uguru panel sold to rhkcommander959 i will be putting the other stuff on ebay tommorow if no one makes any offers
  3. like the title states, i just need a dvd drive, not a burner, if anyone has one they dont need, and want to sell for cheap let me know Thanks
  4. I am taking offers everyone. i just want sure how much toi ask for some of the stuff
  5. i have few 939 items for sale and some ram. all prices include shipping and are OBO Abit an8 sli 939 MB I also have the retail uguru panel for this mother board AMD 939 3700+ single core retail. i have the box but gave a friend the heatsink 2X1 GB G Skill HZs ddr1 pc 4000 yes the good stuff The MB comes with everything box/manual/cables/drivers disc/sli bridge $80 shipped OBO uguru panel $20 shipped OBO 939 3700+ retail with box no heatsink $37 shipped OBO 2X1 GB G Skill HZs $170 shipped OBO My location is Iowa my ebay id is hopupjunkie like i said everything is OBO and no DOA my email is [email protected] email me or pm me for question or offers or just do it on here i also have more pictures located here http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v600/dun...com/pc%20pics/ I accept paypal/money orders i will ship the next day after recieving payment unless its recieved before 3pm central then i would have time to ship it that same day Thanks
  6. im looking for a sata hdd to replace an old ide 80 gb hdd iw as hoping to spend like 45 or less shipped if anyone has anything ...thanks
  7. yes i tried it without changing the pci clock and tried with it changed, i had the same problem each time
  8. for some reason when my cp is oced to 2.8 ghz everything works fine but the linksys pci wireless network card, yet if i drop the oc just a little down to 2.63 it works fine? i tried changing the pci clock (i dont even know what that does) to 133 with my amd 4000+X2 at 266 x10.5 but that didnt change anything im using a asrock alivenfg6-vsta board any ideas Thanks
  9. how can i use a separate cable for each drive when there is only one ide slot on the board? I did get it figured out, i set the hdd as the master oh and then i plugged the ide cable all the way into the mobo, i cant believe i didnt have it all the way in lol Thanks peoples
  10. i just got a new setup for my G/F an am2 chip and board but she has an old maxtor 80g hdd and cd burner that both need to run off the same ide cable i have never messed with jumpers on the drives before to set up slave and master, but i set the cd drive as a master by setting the jumper where it was marked for master than setup the maxtor hdd as a slave according to maxtors website you just need to remove all jumpers for it to be the slave. with that done when i boot the computer it says please select a boot drive? now her hdd has xp on it already but i was going to do a fresh install but in the bios it sees the hdd as the slave but it does not see any master drive wich is what my cd burner is supposed to be any thoughts thanks
  11. 2.8 would be nice....i ended up ordering the asrock board, now i just have to wait till she opens everything on christmas to put it together:sad: thanks for the input peoples My G/f is going to be very surprised
  12. we live together so im always here to fix it, i wanted a budget build for her and i wanted her to see a big difference from her 32 bit barton 2500+ thats stock at 1.8Ghz and she only has 512ram lol, i want this computer to stomp on that hard enought that she'll even notice a difference, ofcourse 4x more ram will be helpful but i wanted to go up quite a bit from 1.8ghz for cheap
  13. ya i looked at the one but on of the users commented there wasnt any voltage settings for cpu or memory, thats going to limit me, I take that back after reading all the reviews, theres a guy with the same chip and memory that got his at 2.6, that boards a good option, just one other problem, this board like many of the newer board only has one ide slot, i need 2, one for the hdd and one for the cd drive, i guess i could pick up a cheap sata cd drive
  14. how would what be ..lol i think you forgot the link, i also need to know if they have good oc settings in the bios
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