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  1. what are you talking about? My core is stable and has been stable for 19 hrs. You guys dont believe me, its the core i bought of of BFG on this site he got it to 3GHz, i jsut too the time to tweak it.
  2. the core temp is the temperature of the transistors indide of the chip, a spike is usually not that dangerous, but prolonged temps of that hot are bad, CPU temp is the temp of the diode on the PCB of teh chip, its the temperature that you want to worry about if it gets too high. remember, 70C the solder on your core will melt.... note that this is not an error in measurement for the core... it is just the a spiek in temp, not a constant
  3. Just finished overclocking my AMD Athlon 64 3700+ to 3112 MHz YOU ALL SHALL BOW BEFORE THE AWSOMENESS THAT IS AMD http://img412.imageshack.us/img412/2673/19...rime95stse7.jpg
  4. http://www.usplastic.com and www.xoxide.com where i got my stuff, plus, who wouldn't want 2 in thick bulletproof Lexan computer cases
  5. sorry man but that in my opinion is waste of a CM stacker case... but whatever floats your boat.
  6. actually it was rather inexpensive, about 160 for the whole setup DD radiator- $75 and the Aquagate $90, plus tubing, caulking,coolant (I use non-conductive) and some aluminum dust that i use to cover the caulking and patch up any scratches (my own little secret.) THIS THING RUNS AMAZINGLY SILENT, the only thing that is at all noisy is the air running through the copper blades of the radiator. around 30db. could get quieter if you used a fan controller and quieter fans.
  7. yeah, ive welded aluminum with an oxy torch, you use low O2- carbonizing flame to reduce the oxidation, its pretty easy man. However, i think we getting off topic. i agree with you, airflow makes a case, not material. To the person who started this, buy a cheap case, strip it of its outer skin, then rebuild it from there, its a lot easier and looks much better.
  8. yeah... my bad, typo, havent taken chem in awhile. But, did u even read the rest my post man? 2-4 mm of 7075 plate, thats stuff needs NO reinforcing, also, i can weld that with an oxy torch and it would look nice. The problem with steel, is the fact that maneuvering that on a spot welder would be impossible and take a lot of bending and planning, he wouldn't make the case out of 14g steel if he didn't want it to weigh an outrageous amount.
  9. the reason aluminum cases are slightly cooler has to do with the thermal conductivity of aluminum, which is about 200 MK/W better than steel, i would choose aluminum, but get good quality aluminum such as 7075 plate aluminum would do very nicely, aprox. 2mm- 4 mm thick. will be a beautiful gleaming white flawless BEAST if you can weld and polish. However,i would choose aluminum because aluminum is light and nice looking, not because it make a much cooler (temperature wise, aluminum is AWESOME) case. Airflow and heat sinks make a nice case, not to mention looks. DO NOT use steel for something like this, i doubt u have the metalworking skill to make pleated reinforced steel that big companies use (no offense, but it takes LONG time to make stuff like that) if you made it out of steel it would either be very flimsy, or around 75 lbs... GOOD LUCK, hope it turns out well
  10. My sweet new XClio A-380 case just got a facelift from a Danger Den Black Ice II Radiator that i mounted to the top. Fans blow out, because the two 240mm fans blow in, but the temps... 3GHZ @1.525V are insane, 27 C idle and 33 C full load !!! The main pump for this cooling system is a Coolermaster Aquagate (note not the crappy little Aquagate Mini things, a full Aquagate, the 2 cd drive thing) http://img160.imageshack.us/img160/3083/img0883or1.jpg http://img292.imageshack.us/img292/4183/img0892em8.jpg
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