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  1. Anyone ... hello... looking for any ideas or who to ask?
  2. Lost one of my LAN connections My LAN connector that is twinned up with USB ports 5-6, has stopped working? I don’t see it in Computer management and can’t find it in the Bios. Any ideas how I can get it working again?
  3. Thanks guys I got it on, Doh, don’t know why it wasn’t obvious to me in the 1st place. I just got hung up on the brackets and never flipped the instruction sheet over and saw the alternate method. I left the backing support that came with the original 939 socket. Was real easy to install that way, there are 2 sets of instructions for K8 install, this was one of the recommended options. Results… I ran my system 100 percent CPU utilization for 8mins and only hit 45C, I used to hit 59C on the stock cooler. To hit 100% on my dual core I ran prime 95 and Super PI while playing my favorite game Mech Warrior on line all at the same time, I had no detectable lag issues, very nice I am very happy with the results. Now I have some head room in my temp to over clock.
  4. proly but I have this on here now and my mb out wana make this work if I can... I am going to try ad use the existing back plate...
  5. Hey does your MB lay flat or is it in a vertical case, Mine is vertical and this things weight has kinda got worried, how long have you had yours, how good does it work?
  6. Ya know I wonder if I hack saw the center bracket out, then I can use most of the kit and get a lil support back there… what do you think?
  7. Hmm… kinda scary aint it… the thing is a big monster and heavy.
  8. Not sure what you mean, did you not use any thing on the back of the motherboard for support?
  9. Big Typhoon, nf4 SLI-DR Expert, has any one put these two together, I don’t see how it can work there are a bunch of diodes on the back of the mother board behind the CPU, the H- Brackets that mount this pig will crush them, any ideas, will/can it work, do I need a different mounting kit?
  10. Nobody knows how I can get a program I can trust to give me the correct temps?
  11. I got something weird going on, and you guys are such great help I thought I would run it buy y’all see what ya think… I have a stock heat sink and was thinking of getting a Thermaltake Big Typhoon VX (or maybe the original I heard the retention clip on the VX may come loose… that’s too bad it sure would be nice to not have to de-install my mother board just to put on the new heat sink….) Anyway I want to get a new sink cus I want to over clock and my CPU is running at temps up to 59C at max… well that is if ya believe Speedfan 4.31 I wasn’t sure so I down loaded Everest version 2.20.405, I wanted to compare them so I set up a test to heat up my CPU To test I ran Prime95 Torture test set at “Blend (test some of everything, lots of Ram tested)” and I also ran Super PI 32M at the same time. This got me going close to 100 percent cpu utilization. The results; Everest reads 40C while my speed fan reads 51C on the same test… So I don’t know what to do… how can I read my actual temps?
  12. sorry I forgot about this post, and I cant figure out the post a picture thing... lol... anway if any one wants to know,I am fine cus Task manager will show two windows in the CPU Uasage History one for each core I dont have two cpus I have a dual core.... Thanks Hit and Run for all your help
  13. all of the above I also installed a program called cpuz.exe and it doent show up on it either
  14. Opteron 170 only one cpu shows up, what ya gata do ta get the second cpu to work, I only have one that shows up
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