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    System not powering up

    Problem solved... it was neither the psu's fault (now I have 2 fully working psus :cool: ),nor the mobo's. I tried it on another plug and it worked fine...simple as that! It's just time to buy a new ups...
  2. v4mp1r3

    System not powering up

    All 4 power connectors are plugged in. I push the button and nothing happens. It's not button failure either,same thing with the onboard button. Today I tried something new. I plugged the psu on 2 other mobos (just the 20-pin though). Shouldn't it at least turn on? Because it didn't,and I'm thinking about my tough luck on faulty equipment... I also tried to connect on my dfi the 20-pin of another 300w psu I had (which works on other boards) but that didn't work either. It was a longshot anyway :/
  3. Hello to all the community. I've been silently using this forum (the dfi-street version anyway) for a year now and it has helped me a lot. This time its different though. So here's the story: Before I bought the OCZ psu I had a Thermaltake Purepower Stackable 500W which worked fine for about 13 months. Then,without changing anything in the system,it couldn't power up unless I switched off the psu,wait a few seconds,turn it back on and power up. Voltages were fine all the way,even when the problem occured. The psu also had a wattage meter (which btw never had exceeded 195w -no oc yet). Since the problem began,I noticed 2 things: Increased consumption when working AND when switched off. Specifically when playing games i noticed a 10% (more or less) increase and from 10w to 12 and sometimes 15 when switched off. Since this didn't happen constantly but when I moved the board,cables etc. I suspected a short and reinstalled the board in the case. Nothing happened. So the previous weekend I saw the leds on the board turned off while the psu was on,tried another psu ONLY to see if the leds were lit (no power on)and thanked God this was only a 'simple' fried psu situation. Unfortunately,this was not the case. I installed the OCZ psu,the mobo lights up like a christmas tree,but...no power. I also tried the 8-hour clear cmos procedure found here,with no result. Any ideas?