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  1. Yea, I'm just debating whether I should go through the trouble of more modding for air rather than switching to a water system - which in the long run is more temp. stable... But as the ND5 is under $40, it sure is tempting. BB
  2. See the last half of page 3 and page 4 of this thread: http://www.diy-street.com/forum/showthread...?t=74587&page=3 - which is from "the official 8800 series topic". I'm was undecided, but since the retailer is close to my house, I may just pick one up to try iy out. Like aclays, see thread, I have a side fan and exhaust which whould take care of the reverse heat exhaust concern. Again, see the other topic for more... BB
  3. Hey aclays, Just read a review on the Thermaltake TMG ND5: http://www.hardforum.com/showthread.php?t=1202868 Looks like you had better like with your temp. drops than the reviewer, but maybe his SLI set up had something to do with it. Did you use any thermal paste when installing? Any other mods? Also, the article show that the ND5 blows the hot air exhaust towards the center of the case rather than the back. Theoretically, this would add heat to my TV Tuner Card, Lower motherboard and Hard drives. Do you notice any of this heat in your set up? My temps are already low (51C idle, upper 50'sC at full load) with RivaTuner at 80% it drops down about 2-3C; 49C idle! When I overclock it goes up 2-3C, but at full load I usually increase RivaTuner to 90-100% so the temp increase is minor.. The step up to the stock 640MB, had a 320MB Superclocked version before, was a great improvement as it O.C.'s better and stays 10-15C cooler. I'm cuirious to see how an aftermarket GPU cooler will effect this card, so I'm probably going to buy the ND5 on Monday to try it out. The cool thing is Sharkacomputers is located just a few mintues from my house, so I can pick it up at will call and not wait for shipping:) My only hesitation would be the heat exhaust situation of the ND5. My other thought was to just add a PCI slot fan cooler, but my airflow is pretty good right now. If you do get a chance to take a measurement by Monday that would be helpful - if not, not worries, I'll just try it out if I get it... BB
  4. Dude, just what I needed to see, a different option for my 8800gts (640mb), than that beast hr-03 plus - I have a sound card, and TV Tuner card that limits my space to the south and my CPU cooler takes up space to the North of the PCI-E slot. Question: I noticed the big fin section sticking over the top end of the card. When you install it on your motherboard and close the case, does that fin touch, rub or come close to the computer case door? Could you take a measurement for me from the connectors, or if installed from the motherboard, to the top/end of the fin where it would reach the case door? I just wanna make sure I have enough room there... I'm currently am at 50C at idle, 60C load. But that's with a 120mm fan on high pointing at it that sounds like a shop fan - loud :drool: So to keep the temps down and lower the 120mm fan speed would be cool:rolleyes: Thanks for the info., BB
  5. Tried the USB, but no luck. After reading the forums for my Cable box (Scientific Atlanta 8300HD) it turns out that the USB ports are not activated and the SATA port is only for adding an external drive for storage. They recommended getting a TV tuner Card with software that lets you download and record to your PC. So, I just bought the Hauppage HVR1600 - directron.com $85.00 - and will be testing it out this week. BB
  6. FYI, As of 4/17/2007, EVGA ForceWare Release 158 Version: 158.19 Release Date: April 17, 2007 Beta Driver This link is for XP 32b, see EVGA site for other versions of XP, Vista, etc.. http://www.nvidia.com/object/winxp_2k_158.19.html Summary: Release Highlights: Updated April 18, 2007: Added NVIDIA SLI profile for Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 Adds support for GeForce 8600 GTS, GeForce 8600 GT, and GeForce 8500 GT, GeForce 8400 GS, and GeForce 8300 GS GPUs. Increased performance in 3D applications. Numerous game and application compatibility fixes. Microsoft® DirectX® 9.0c and OpenGL® 2.1 support. Please read the release notes for more information on product support, feature limitations, and known compatibility issues. PureVideo™ HD support is currently only available on Microsoft® Windows™ Vista Product Support List Windows XP 32-bit – 158.19 GeForce 8300 GS GeForce 8400 GS GeForce 8500 GT GeForce 8600 GT GeForce 8600 GTS GeForce 8800 GTS GeForce 8800 GTX Before you install, check out the thread on EVGA's message boards about overheating with the new Driver (158.19) - http://www.evga.com/community/messageboard...?TOPIC_ID=32515 Since mine runs fine, I'm gonna hold off until that driver is out of the Beta stage and is finalized... just a thought. Late, BB
  7. Have you guys seen this? http://www.evga.com/articles/350.asp I don't have a 680i, but was curious what others with it or with DRAM volted that high have experienced. BB
  8. Me too... thanks Boogeyman! I owe you a :beer
  9. I've got mine running on RivaTuner 2.0: http://home.comcast.net/~boogieman1954/880...eed%20guide.htm As I'm air-cooled, I used thses settings 60%<50C*, 70%<55C*, 75%<58C*, 80%<61C*, 90%<64C* and 100%<70C*. These settings keep the card about 56C* (@70%) under all non-game(3D) apps. - you'll notice that the default (stock) settings are 60% fan speed for 60C*. In game, usually around 61C-65C* at max settings. Way better than the stock software fan settings! Once in a while on some games it goes up to 70*, but once the fan adjusts to 100%, the temp reduces to the low to mid 60's. I also used the Overclocking guide: http://home.comcast.net/~boogieman1954/880...eed%20guide.htm to lower the temp about another 2-3*C on 2d mode. You can play around with the different speeds to see what works best for your set up. I set mine at 508/816 for 2d mode and 625/1003 for High 3D mode. 630/1070 was my peak for stability - 625/1003 runs smooth 24/7. Other are using EXPERtool: http://www.gainward.net/en/support/support_uk.html which may be useful to you too. I haven't tried it as I've had good success with RivaTuner 2.0. You may want to read the posts on this thread: The Official Nvidia 8800 Series Thread! (page 2 is most recent) as there's more discussion on the 8800 cards. Good luck and have fun. BB
  10. So, I've got an ATI TV tuner card, Wonder VE, that I run my Time Warner cable box through to watch Cable TV - have the card set on channel 3 so it passively runs the cable input giving me 1000+ channels, using the cable remote, instead of 140 that the card's software is limited to reading. Since my cable box is also a Digital video recorder, like Tivo, I can record shows... bla, blah, blah. Q: How can I convert the saved programs, like 24, Sapranos, etc. onto my PC's hard drive? My cable box is only 30GB vs. 250GB free on my Hard Drives, so I could store a lot more for future viewing. Thanks, BB
  11. Q: What tool are you using to overclock with? I have the Superclocked 576/1700 card too, and RivaTuner won't let me adjust the clocks. No problem with the fan tuner though. Update: RivaTuner Overclocking works now - missed a step. O.C.'d to 630/1070(2140)!!! Will run testes to see differences soon. Thanks.
  12. From this review: EVGA 8800GTS 320MB Superclocked Videocard Review - Card, Contents, and Temps... Measuring roughly 9 inches in length (it's bigger brother, the GTX, measures about 10.5 inches, http://www.hardwarelogic.com/news/61/ARTIC...2007-03-26.html I've got mine running on RivaTuner 2.0. Really nice card. Replaced X1900xt which I thought was good until this came along. Thanks Angry for the new Diver release, I had no idea - will download now. Q: Why did you call the 975XG the "buggy" mobo? Just curious as you used to rave about it... main reason why I bought it.
  13. Yea, I just added a friend's old Audigy 2 ZS. Since we both have Antec cases, does your mapping show how to connect to front case Mic/Headset? Also, what kind of cennector did you use? Work O.K? Thanks, -Baja Bum
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