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  1. Question- How can the PCI-e spacing be better on the expert if the SLI connector is the same size? Thanks
  2. Need more power than that for SLI. I would want a mod psu, providing there's no good reason why I shouldn't have one. Anyone have EvoStream 720? I think I'm set on the PCP&C at this point though. thanks
  3. I'm trying to nail down a new psu. I've got it down to three. OCZ GXS700, OCZ Evostream 720, and PCP&C Silencer 750 quad. Now only one has the modular cables, the Evostream 720, and I do like them, in general, but haven't heard as much about this psu as the other two. I'm running an Asus board right now, but am going to switch over to DFI Expert. Also, I have one 8800GTS now, but would like to put two in SLI. Does modular cableing make a difference one way, or the other, performance wise? Am I most styling with the pcp&p 750, or can someone reccomend something else? The PC&P is 199.99 on their website, the Evostream, on NewEgg is 189.99, and the GXS700 is 154.99. Thanks for any help.
  4. Yes, def getting dual Opti, the 175's are pretty cheap right now (cheaper than memory), and getting new psu, OCZ720evostream (or GXS700 not sure), and a DFI Expert SLI. Not all at once, unfortunately. Will get memory next prob, because I can use it now, and with upgrades. So, I am buying the memory to suit my future needs. Thanks!
  5. I checked that out, they are DDR400 though, kinda wanted 500. He's got some OCZ Gold DDR500 too. They're more than what they were retail on NewEgg though (before they ran out). Are one of these going to be better than the Mushkin? Noticed the timings were a little higher than what I'd want on the Gold 500, 3,4,4,8
  6. I'm not sure how the prefix thing on this forum works, but I have a question about a couple different manufacturers. Most of the 1024 modules are out of stock everywhere. I did find two DDR 500 modules at NewEgg though. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820146034 (Mushkin Extreme Performance 2GB, DDR 500) and http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820134123 (Kingston 2GB DDR 500) I was looking for Corsair TwinX2048-4000PT, but none to be had. Out of these two, which is best for overclocking, and most stable, and liked by DFI SLI Expert board? I'm putting together new parts for an upgrade. Thanks
  7. That's like half the bandwidth though. Or does it not equate exactly like that?
  8. I just read in a reader review that with this board, if you use SLI, it drops from 16x to 8x. Is that right? thanks
  9. I read somewhere that the expert was very complicated, as far as amount of bios settings, and therefore difficult to get up and running for many people. I have a good understanding of the BIOS on my Asus, but was slightly intimidated when I read that. Is that the case? thanks
  10. I want SLI, so there are like 3 options, the DFI LANPARTY nF4 SLI-DR Socket 939, the UT, and the UT Expert. I've only OC'd one processor before. I understand it and did a good job with it, but I don't want anything too crazy. I looked at the specs online but I couldn't really get the gist of what the difference between the UT and the non-UT. Can someone break that down for me easily? thanks I want to get a dual core, and just noticed that the UT supports X2, I will put an Opti in it anyways, but does that mean the other one does not support dual core?
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