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    L4D2 NOW!!

    Don't have the game, nor do I want it. The first L4D was just horrible.
  2. notyou

    Fallout: New Vegas

    1st thing I do with any game, is turn off the music.
  3. Can you post your settings? I'm getting the freezing also. I'd really like to get this board working. I have everything running stock right now. My CPU is close to yours & my RAM looks to be the same.
  4. That is basically what I'm getting. It is pretty annoying. I never had to deal with this with ASUS or MSI. Guess I'll go back to one of those brands so I don't have to deal with crap.
  5. I set my timings. Thanks for the help. My problem with this board hasn't gone away though. I am getting complete freezes after a couple minutes of use. After a reboot, it seems to run fine. Any ideas what might be causing this? It only started after I switched to this DFI board.
  6. Sorry if this was already posted but I didn't feel like reading through 119 pages. I have the DFI LP UT CFX3200-DR/G board & Corsair TWINX2048 - 3200C2PT. The timings on this RAM are 2-3-3-6 2T. The DFI shows it as 2-3-3-8 1T. Which setting are the ones needed to set my timings to the correct settings. I'm new to DFI.
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