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    L4D2 NOW!!

    Don't have the game, nor do I want it. The first L4D was just horrible.
  2. notyou

    Fallout: New Vegas

    1st thing I do with any game, is turn off the music.
  3. notyou

    Steam....How big is your folder?

    0MB Steam sucks
  4. Can you post your settings? I'm getting the freezing also. I'd really like to get this board working. I have everything running stock right now. My CPU is close to yours & my RAM looks to be the same.
  5. That is basically what I'm getting. It is pretty annoying. I never had to deal with this with ASUS or MSI. Guess I'll go back to one of those brands so I don't have to deal with crap.
  6. I set my timings. Thanks for the help. My problem with this board hasn't gone away though. I am getting complete freezes after a couple minutes of use. After a reboot, it seems to run fine. Any ideas what might be causing this? It only started after I switched to this DFI board.
  7. Sorry if this was already posted but I didn't feel like reading through 119 pages. I have the DFI LP UT CFX3200-DR/G board & Corsair TWINX2048 - 3200C2PT. The timings on this RAM are 2-3-3-6 2T. The DFI shows it as 2-3-3-8 1T. Which setting are the ones needed to set my timings to the correct settings. I'm new to DFI.