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  1. Hmm I never had much luck with OFP over Himachi, but I will give it another go.
  2. Nice, i totally missed this sticky and posted my Ode to SoaSE in another thread about space games. Maybe I will try and join y'all in the next MP game you guys play.
  3. I just got "Sins of a Solar Empire" and have been enjoying it immensely. It massive star systems reminds me allot of playing "Spaceward Ho!" back in the day. Its got some minor flaws but most of these are being addressed by the Devs or the surprisingly strong modding community ( for such a new game). It does lack a campaign scenario to go with the complex backstory but you can play 2-player Lan games on 1 CD key, load mods in the game menu rather easily and create your own maps with the included GalaxyForge utility.
  4. Umm I had a minor issue when i switched from a 4200+ to an Fx-60 on a sli-dr I picked up on Craigs list. When the machine booted it just couldnt recognize the cpu but ran fine otherwise. I just had to flash the bios with t-mods cd. When i got my Current SLI-DR expert from AG i didnt even hafta flash it I just switched the parts over from the old SLI-dr. I made a couple minor performance tweaks for the ram etc but it was a pretty painless process.
  5. I tried halo once and I hated the controls. That being said my brother place the hell out of it in multiplayer. that really the one area it really shines is its ability to connect you to a server almost in a heartbeat. But if your looking for a match that last longer than 5 minutes, is more free roaming, and doesnt involve light blasters and giant borgs, I would stick with my contemporary combat sims & FPSs (like ArmA & BF2)
  6. yeah that or some Arcticlean thermal compound remover should do the trick. And make sure you let it soak for a minute or so so it has a chance to soften the pad a bit. An old credit card or a plastic putty knife will also help to get as much off in one shot without smearing the softened pad around to much.
  7. Ive ridden flow bindings a couple of times. They are really comfy if regular bindings pinch your high instep in the wrong way. As for local shops, the only time i have gotten deals is at the end of season or from friends who got employee discounts. Otherwise ski town shops are charging you a premium. The one item I would recomend buying in person is the boots cause they usually will do the heat molding instore.
  8. I never spent that much at once for snowboarding gear at once. I would rent boards & Bindings for the first season ( im assuming your new to the sport), you can pretty much rent any combo of board N bindings you want so you can try out different size boards etc. For the first season I would get good boots with heat molded liners (who wants to wear stinky rentals), a nice pair of pants, A helmet and good goggles. At the end of the season check with the shop you rented from to see if they are selling the last seasons boards, you can usually get em for a steal on a board you know you like to ride. This way you have more money for lift tix! I love tree bashing and powder and I would encourage you to find a place where you can ride both separately or together.
  9. AVP (alien Vs. Predator) series was always fun and scary when played as a marine against the aliens in a dark room with a big woofer. Playing as an alien isnt as scary since you can creep and climb on anything and the predators while fun have a technical advantage that makes playing as them a bit to easy. I second the RE series as well Ive only spent any serious time on the first 2 but my bro has played them all and loves RE 4. I even jumped out of my chair while watching him play RE once.. Very funny.
  10. jagged alliance and railroad tycoon II
  11. I agree sam. Blacksword is not easy at all. The swiss mod is pretty sweet although i have a pretty old version installed i never noticed any instability when i used it. ++Edit++ I forgot to add that im about to check out the BPA real sound mod & Kegety's Mod manager. Since BIS is introducing Mod author signature verification utilizing public/private keys to curb cheating via unauthorized mod modification, I figure I should get a little more organized and reduce some ofthe desktop clutter. I would say more ram since arma doesn't utilize dual cores. I to have noticed high core temps after logging out of a long session of arma, never that hot though. And around the 6-7 hour mark i can usually expect a CTD or at worst a BSOD. I dont have anything OCed right now though.
  12. For combat I hear very good things about Enemy Engaged (the original) and EE2 just came out though I might wait, a friend of mine tried it out and said that it was pretty buggy right off the bat.
  13. Yeah recently allot of coop maps have been very popular. "Black Sword" is an super cool coop mission that incorporates 3 very cool features. HALO insertion, a limited revive system that allows downed soldiers to be revived and randomly dispersed assets every time the mission is started. The revive turned out to be the neatest addition since the map has limited AT assets available to the player recovering them from a downed soldier (rescue missions) became extremely important. I played that map @ least 14 hours :drool: in coop over the weekend on Veteran mode (iron sights only & no map markers) with 5-6 guys until we had completed it once insertion to extraction. A couple of times we had almost completed it and our ai extraction helo would get himself killed ending the mission in failure. Overall its a very good coop map that offers tons of replayability and intense action over a nice variety of terrain. I know a couple of deferent groups are working on converting CrimeCity/Cops & Robbers mp missions from OFP to ArmA and this should be really cool. I also recently played a nice variant of the Evolution map that allowed you to play as the Russians invading from the north! A nice fresh look at the map since allot of missions start on the southern island and work up to the north, so you usually dont get to play in the north until a few hours into a game. Check out my update Concerning the ArmA tournement I play in.
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