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  1. QUOTED FOR TRUTH - :angel:
  2. I was thinking the same thing! But not just ET... Ninja ET! :eek2:
  3. I have the e6850 on a P35... It is something else! I am running mine at 8x400, generally with PC2-6400, but right now it has some PC3-12800! O... M... G!
  4. I only have the static humming of the HVAC system right now... :sad: I do plan to get the new Radiohead album too... And I'll actually probably pay something for it!
  5. Damn, you must have hovered on that quote in order to save it for later... - I removed it with an edit just after posting. LOL Anyway, you never know... Its like how some people think the name brand groceries are better than the store brand, even if you know that they are made in the same plant and on the same line... Or maybe even generic drugs versus name brand drugs. My no name version of Ambien knocks me out just as good as the real thing... LOL
  6. What would male them different? I used to work in that field, and have been to Flu vaccine facililites in Germany, England, Canada, and the US... The only difference I saw was that the English techs were some of the laziest people I ever saw! LOL Almost every flu shot in the world is made on the same equipment with about the same process, and those that aren't made on that equipment are available in countries I assume no one here is posting from. Plus, all the manufacturers meet well before going into production and they all agree exactly how to make the next batch of flu shots so they all are effectively the same. Now, that said... Would I let someone give me a flu shot made in Romania or India (for example), based on my experiences? HELL NO! --------------------- But, to my original point for stepping in here. Just wanted to share a link: Canada's socialized health care system is hurting and they need the USA to help!
  7. Well, for one I disagree that Super Pi tells you much. If that is all it takes to impress you, it has flown through Sandra, Everest, and Performance Test. And two, 20 seconds is alot of time... Do you know how many free seconds I get proofreading complete crap all day? LOLOLOLOLOLOL
  8. don't tell me what to do... you're not my mother! ... ... ... ... ... I said "Not stress tested or stability proven, but I'll get to that."
  9. You already know I have the same board... and hey, the same memory, too! While I could never get that memory past 900MHz on a ABIT AW8D, I cna get it to 1000MHz (5-5-5-19 2.1V) on this board. But, for more fun I put the memory back to 800MHz, and started tweaking the FSB on my e6850. Went from the stock 3.0GHz (9x333) to 3.2GHz (8x400) with ease... ON the retail Intel cooler and default CPU voltage. 1600MHz FSB with minimal effort. Not stress tested or stability proven, but I'll get to that.
  10. I'd suggest looking into the settings in Thunderbird more closely. Last winter I downloaded and tried perhaps a dozen different applications to go with Outlook Express, and even paid for a one year subscription to one, only to delete them all when I got going on Thunderbird 2. Did you configure the global settings, as well as the individual settings for each separate e-mail address?
  11. I have this sort of setup now. Was a 64-bit system, but rolled it back to XP 32-bit. 4GB of ECC REG DDR and 2x Opteron 270s. XP sees 3.25GB of memory. Running a few benches shows that in some tests 2GB beats having 3GB or 4GB installed. 4GB never wins. But, I leave it in there as I want as much memory in there for all the times things do get intense on the memory front and Task Manager shows that little extra may be helping.
  12. OK, please install a vomiting smilie! :eek2:
  13. Your story sounds better than mine. I got the academic upgrade to Vista Home Premium for my daughter (was on XP Home). Started the process from within Windows, it rebooted after a few minutes, and this is as far as we ever got: Tried a few more times changing all kinds of hardware, etc, checking for issues, and nothing would let us get past that screen. Even trying a clean install. The disks have been sitting on the shelf since then (about 4 months). Weeee....
  14. If you are still looking for a PSU, I have a Ultra Products X-Finity 600W unit... Just like this one: http://techgage.com/article/ultra_x-finity_600w_psu/ $25 + shipping. My Heatware: http://www.heatware.com/eval.php?id=1180
  15. Optimum Online cable... 30/5 service. just now: good recent score:
  16. Here is the inside of my main rig's case... The outside is just a stock Tt Armor with side window. ASUS K8N-DL Motherboard 2x Opteron 270 Processors (2.0 GHz Dual Core) 2x Thermalright Ultra-90 Coolers with Panaflo fans 4x 512MB HP Branded Micron PC3200 DDR ECC REG 2x 1024MB Corsair PC3200 DDR ECC REG 2x 750GB SATA 3.0 Gbps drives (one Seagate / one WD) 1x 300GB eSATA 1.5 Gbps drive (Maxtor) 256 MB HIS IceQ X1300XT Turbo PCIe graphics 2x DVDRW (one PATA, one Firewire) 750W PCP&C Silencer
  17. Well yeah... it should be asterisk too, then. But all the S's sound better. LOL
  18. Hi Stinky. You can call me squiggle star seven seven star squiggle. :eek2:
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