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  1. crossfire is working fine for me, ya i know asus sux only had to RMA 2 of my 1900's. Thank god for newegg, asus told me im screwed basically. wont get another one of them
  2. ive pretty much always went with asus but im thinking of leaning towards one of the HIS or Saphire just because they have a higher rating? any suggestions? is one more reliable than the other?
  3. resolution is 1680x1050 for whoever asked, and also dont worry about heat or overclocking if i want to later i will, everything that can be watercooled.... is absolutely watercooled, not to mention the peltier on my cpu. i also run 3 power supplies one 750 watt and 2 600's anything i do i like to overkill it. so im guessing that one x2 would be better and then just add later if i want?
  4. Im wondering if i should dish out around 100 bucks more to get 2 3870's or just buy one of the X2's. Any suggestions?
  5. i got it.... but ya i installed with 2 and added 2 more after
  6. hey does anyone have any idea why vista wont show all 4gb of ram. i upgraded to 64 bit to solve the problem and it still wont show up.... cpu-z shows that all 4 are working, ran memtest and they work fine. just bought them brand new. it only shows 3.w/e gb currently -.0
  7. turns out my LDT thing on auto is x5 so thats what i set it at
  8. oooooh neato, when i was talking about chilling the radiators with the TEC, thats how the freezone cooler works, by chilling the radiator
  9. actually i have a question now that im wondering about, the LDT thing, ok so i have my fsb set to 231 x13 should i just leave LDT at auto? as in if i set it to x4 or w/e does that multiply my 231 x13 by another x4 or w/e i set it to?
  10. hmmm ..... possibly... but would it get that cold with just 1 peltier on it?
  11. oh i go pump--->dual 120mm thermaltake radiator----->60mm radiator with holes i drilled in to allow 2x vantec tornados to push against eachother(works better than the dual 120 i might add, but hella loud)----->CPU----->another dual 120mm radiator---->gpu------>single 120mm radiator---->northbridge chip---->filling sump------>pump again. (whooo lotta typing lol) and like i said earlier i might try to tec some of the radiators since i have the stuff for it... and if i did it on the external ones i shouldnt have to worry about condensation on the inside of my case... plus i could just switch it off if i wanted also. btw did i mention its HELLA LOUD lol
  12. lol loop? sorry if i seem like a noob i just starting with building my own pcs about a yr ago
  13. i have the bios that came with my motherboard... Award bios i think it is. For the stepping thing i have 2 options, i didnt know what the option for 1x-5x was for, also a frequency setting so i just left it on auto. As for the Vcore i upped it just because i figured i would give it a little extra juice so it would have it if it needed it if thats possible? dunno lol, but figured if my temps are fine then why not try it like that if that makes any sense at all.. prolly not lol.
  14. i dont know i keep my stepping on auto my temps are about 42C on load and 33-34C on idle but i liquid cool.... which also has 4 radiators.....soon im thinking about tec chilling my external one if i can think of a way of doing that. Oh and my voltage is at 1.5, it was stable at 1.475 but i went up to 1.5 since the cooling wasnt an issue just to make sure
  15. yay just bought an opty 185 and got it to run stable at 231 X13 i was soo worried from hearing that it probably wouldnt hit 3ghz
  16. im just wondering if anyone has any dual core opterons for a 939 socket still laying around that they want to sell send me a pm if you do
  17. Im having a memory problem lately, or so world of warcraft says, and i need some help. Currently I am running 2X (1gb pc3200 a-data vitesta). I keep getting errors associated with "memory could not be written" i have run just about every memory tester out there memtest86, S&M, and others, i dont remember which program i used but i let it run for almost 48 hrs and it couldnt find anything wrong. Any suggestions? oh and i get the occasional blue screens, even after a fresh install of windows and all updated drivers.
  18. could anyone tell me which would be the better buy if i am buying a new processore. im sticking to the socket 939 for now and am wondering which is better for gaming the opteron duel core or the athlon 64 x2 other than the price
  19. ya best of luck with that i had my old 9550 ati card that i sent back when it was half working and they sent it back to me.... i plugged it in and it started smoking, yay .... more shipping costs, ended up saying screw it i only payed 60 for it at the time
  20. the only thing i still dont understand is if the bios are messed up then why did it work before and it still didnt say crossfire edition under the hardware? unless it really wasnt working now that i overclocked just the single card i get better fps than with the crossfire ..... which to my understanding shouldnt happen, about double actually
  21. haha now i have to get a second card first since they didnt send me one back
  22. ya if i got a bunch it would probably be the smallest ones i can find
  23. well right now with just the liquid cooling im at 22C idle and 30max load with the cpu and its overclocked to 2.58 ghz, chipset with load is about 45c and my cards on load run about 56c dont know how good that is but i just like to go for the best i can get.... oh ya lol noise isnt a problem... on my radiator i use x3 of the vantec tornados......sometimes i think its louder than my vacume with the case open
  24. lets just say if money is no object is this a good idea?
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