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  1. Hey man that sucks. Hope everything works out for you! Any issues with the uli yet?
  2. Gunlance

    Random Crashes

    have you tried new nvidia drivers? Chipset and video.
  3. I say avoid the possible headache. And just use the SIL controller while you still haven't done much.
  4. Try clearing the CMOS and loading optimized defaults. Then use your computer for a while and see if the problem pops back up. Then redo your overclock. This should tell you if its something in the actual bios, or if it has something to do with your OC. BTW gotta love those OPTY 165 ccbbe 0616xpmw. I have mine at 330x9 at 1.4v
  5. Gunlance

    fx-60 IHS removal

    Yes I can back up what angry has said. Even though my temps went down, the difference between my cores stayed the same. Still have at most a 10 degree difference.
  6. Gunlance

    fx-60 IHS removal

    I popped the top off my opty 165 and say a 10 degree drop in temps on both cores. By doing this I was finally able to make it past 3ghz range. Apparently my batch has bad die to IHS contact.
  7. Gunlance

    New Smart Guardian Version

    Just use SpeedFan. It shows all of that information.
  8. Gunlance

    The AMD 3GHz Club

    heres my entry. AMD Opteron 165. IHS has been removed. Cooled by a Swiftech APOGEE GT and a HW GTX 240 rad. 2x1GB Team Group Team Xtreem Cronous. 335x9 at 1.5 volts I'm so happy to finally make it I could cry. :sad: The Promised LAND!
  9. I think its there way of telling us DDR is gone and not coming back. Looks Like I can't afford to break these sticks yet :sad: Anyone ever deal with a lifetime warranty when they aren't producing the memory anymore? :confused:
  10. Gunlance

    Problem with chipset fan

    replace that chipset with an HR-05 sli. It isn't even actively cooled on my pc and the chipset never goes over 40. When it was air cooeld it never moved from 32.
  11. I've run into a road block at 275 mhz for thisr am. I've even had it up to 2.95 votls and it still fails orthos with a stable OC on the chip. I think my memory controller has either hit its limit or the ram just can't go anymore. I still have yet to try the tras at 0. I'm still using 8.
  12. Gunlance

    WTB CCBBE Opty

    I got a ccbbe0616xpmw. Am currently doing 335x9 at 1.48 volts. And load temps are 17 for each core. Popping the top made all the difference for me.
  13. Gunlance

    What is your town famous for?

    Stoughton, Mass...Famous for the only strip club in the surrounding areas. Its horrrible btw.
  14. Gunlance

    Suspicious Packages? More advertising

    I'm so glad I left Boston before all that went down. Or I would have been stuck at school since they blocked off huntington near massart and I go to school right there.
  15. I've been running this ram at 265-270 ish since I got it. Never had a memory error and am orthos stable forever at 325fsb and memory at 265.1 3-3-3-7. I'll give 3-3-3-0 a shot.