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  1. hey guys im having nearly the same problem when i turn on the pc all 4 red led's r on ram power led is on but nothing appears on the screen its pitch black i've done everything i can cleared the cmos removed/installed the graphics/hdd/ram again what could be the problem? :(
  2. well if the ram timings is off i've already cleared the cmos,dat should reset to default settings right? the ram is on the orange slot, since they where pre-overclocked by the previous owner, same with the cpu shall i switch em over to yellow ram slots? hiper type r should be enough to power a 8800 gts oc right? many people r using them in the uk?
  3. im using hyper type r 580 when i turn on my pc for the 1st time all the red leds r on including dram power led and standby power led my screen is black nothing appears wat could be the problem guys?
  4. im having the same problem running a hyper type r 580w all 4 red led's at bottom left r on dram power led is on so is the standby power led the screen is pitch black wat is the problem guys help plz cheers [email protected]
  5. i have a problem when i turn my pc on everything is running just the screen is black?
  6. using 2 dimms is the best for oc at the mo
  7. i have a bfg gts oc 320mb not oc2
  8. very nice what mine will look just, but i will have thermalright xp90 instead
  9. need 1 for when i go opteron 165 @ 2x2800mhz :cool: using a crappy thermalright xp90 for my 146 @2790mhz:rolleyes: i was the si-120 cos its the best/lighest heat sink for the money since they stopped making em who still use em on the pc's:angel:
  10. i have gskill 2x512mb LA overclocked to 620mhz if i purchase ur 2x1024mb ram will it clock to 620+mhz aswell?
  11. i still need to learn more about multipliers,fsb,cpu voltage,chipset voltage,memory timings,ltd,ram volts all to confusing for me lol could some 1 take the time to help me learn how these things work cheers ku.
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