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  1. Thats exacty my line of tought, i have a mx510 so im buying a mouse with the same format because im already used to it. Saying that i already made up my mind and im going for the g5, thats for all the advice provided here.
  2. Thanks for the responses, ill be waiting for some comment on someone who owns a logitech mouse. But from JackOrlowski post, im even more inclined to logitech.
  3. Hi everyone. I enjoy playing a good FPS game and i decided to replaced my old mx510 mouse for some of the new mouses out there. After some research im inclined towards the Logitech G5. What i need to know is your toughts about this mouse and other that might be equal or better. The only restriction is it must be corded mouse. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi, i went to the store this afternoon and they send the card to RMA. In the process i brought a corsair HX620 just to make sure i have enough power for the card and for future upgrades. thanks for all the help, really appreciate it
  5. Yes, i have. The video card looks well seated. Tomorrow im going to the store were i brought the video card and see what they have to say about this.
  6. OK, the LEDS are as follows: 4 LEDS on, 3 LEDS on, and the fourth one blinking after a while i hear the beeps ( 1 long and 2 short ) and another 2 LEDS turn off, after a while the last one also goes off. Besides every LED if off i still cant boot into windows.
  7. I will check on the LEDS this afternoon, and see how they light up. I think ill buy i new PSU, heres the store were i buy my components: http://www.aquapc.com/loja/?id=7 Checking on the recommend PSU thread and the ones available in the store, i think ill go for a CORSAIR HX620 620W MODULAR SLI or OCZ GAMEXTREAM 700WATT SLI E CROSSFIRE READY What are your recommendation?
  8. What do you mean by the diagnostic LED, were can they be found? I can see 2 LEDS on the motherboard. One is close to the memory's and the other close to the PCI-E slot. Are these the ones? I didn't tried this on another rig. Can i activate RMA even if the PSU are to blame?
  9. I have all the 4 connectors on the respective slots. So your saying that the PSU don't give enough "juice" for this video card?
  10. Hi, I recently brought ( 3 days ago ) a eVGA 8800GTS 320mb ASC3, first day with the card i could play some games and everything was normal. The second day while i was playing a game i got a very strange crash ( not bsod ), and after that i was unable to boot anymore. I cant even pass the POST, and the beeps that folow are like this: 1 long -> 2 short beeps I can boot normally with my older video card. If more info is needed feel free to ask. i need some advice/resolutions for my problem. Thanks in advance.
  11. I gave up trying to resolve this problem. I think ill buy a new graphics card. Do you think a DX9 is worth buying seeing that DX10 cards are already on the market. Should i wait until the DX10 cards are at around 350€ or buy a DX9 card?
  12. I cant install the drivers to use nvtweak and put the clocks even lower. The temps were usually around 60-70º and its not with the stock cooler. Still its probably broken down for good because the graphics's card as been working with this clocks for 2 years. Cuoficr what do you mean by RMA it? UPDATE: i have installed the drivers, but as soon as i activate the graphics card in hardware management i get a black screen and can do anything else except reboot, boot in save mode and disable the graphics card again.
  13. Yes, the graphics card is with the clocks of the ultra version. I already thought about the possibility of unmodding it, but i cant find anywhere the bios of the gt version. Btw heres a screen shot of what the objects look like
  14. Here's my issue. I have a modded 6800gt to 6800 ultra, today i was playing a game and some strange colors started to appear all over the screen, the game crashed and i had to reboot. Then i see that this strange colors are in the POST screen and windows loading screen as well. I uninstalled the drivers in save mode and i can boot into windows, now the problem is when i install the drivers again i cant boot into windows and the strange abjects are all over the screen. If you need some more information feel free to ask. Thanks in advance
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