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    Wont boot on restart

    I will up the volts if that dont work?? Well heres the problem it took me almost an hour this morning to get my computer to run with 2 sticks. I have to run it in 1&2 or no post. Now it freezes at splash or logo screen whatever you wanna call it, also freezes in bios. With all 3 sticks in 1&3&4 it boots just fine doesnt freeze in bios, but wont boot after restart from windows or bios. Do you think it could be a faulty mobo? Ive also bought new ram today corsair and mushkin still get the same problems.
  2. UABlister

    Wont boot on restart

    Tried 2&4 wouldnt post even after reseting bios. Did a memtest on the board i had before came up clean should I do it again? I also tried every configuration of ram; 1 stick, 2 sticks, then all 3. If i enter bios save and exit not touching any settings causes no boot, if i load defaults same thing.
  3. UABlister

    Wont boot on restart

    Yes 3 modules of pqi ram. Laff my Aspire PSU has done me well for 2 years havent had a single prob but I also run 3 120mm fans 2 80mm fans and water cooling, i also have the PSU fan maxed. I will remove 1 stick what slots should i have the other 2 in 1,2 fig or 3,4? or mix?
  4. Sorry if i left anything out im a little tired. If you need more info let me know. Im new to the DFI scene just got my board today been setting it up for the past 6 hours. Tried a few games runs great. One problem i can not get over though, is that when ever i had to restart 2 times out of 3 i would get post screen, raid screen, then the screen would go black and there is a white bar flashing on top. Ive let it sit there for 10-15 minutes and it does nothing else, so i have to hit the restart button or shut it down. One more thing, in order for my board to post video and save bios info, I had to set first init display to PCI. Is there anything in bios i need to change or do i need to flash bios?? Any help will be greatly appreciated.