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  1. hi, is anyone selling a laptop/notebook for under £80? or something around that area? The spec doesn't have to be fantastic. at least 1ghz cpu speed, 256 or 512 ram, and 20gb+ hard driver, don't mind what the screen size is. thanx P.s. I apologise if this post is not allowed :S
  2. hey, i have a slight problem (hense me post on here ) My boot has become incredibly slow over the last couple of days. Once it gets to the logo screen (lanparty), it freezes, or pauses for a long while (longer than usual) and does this weird raid thingy :S "Nvidia Raid Ide Rom Bio 4.84 "Detecting array" and i haven't even got this rig setup in raid, because i only have one hard drive for it :S. The last time it did it's normal boot, was before i tried adding an extra hard drive (s-ata seagate 200GB), because it wouldn't boot on my other computer (due to a missing pci.sys file, but anyway! it worked well before i tried that extra HDD. I have also looked in the bios, under "intergrated peripherals" and raid is disabled. Any suggestions? much appreciated <3
  3. so maybe (and this is only a guess), that when i switch the computer off in the morning, leave it til i get back at around 4, which gives it a good 6 hours of cool down, so it might be room temperature...ish, and my room can get very very cold (no double glazing and tiny holes letting wind in through the window seal), and therefore when i switch it on again after that time, it hasn't reached 25c yep, coz it's just been sitting there, i'm guessing, the fan just stop because the cpu hasn't had time to warm up very quickly.Good enough self explanation? Lol, it boots right into windows and you can open programs, etc, i should probably have a look at smart guardian to check what the temps are . If that is everyone's final explanation and i mean everyone's, thank you very much everyone for the great advice/help. I'll probably be in touch again after this, if i start getting major problems. :S
  4. ok, good news so for on the cpu. it's stock is 2.2 and so far i've gotten it up to 2.44ghz. fsb bus frequency [email protected] good voltage?
  5. i downloaded Core Temp, the temperature seems fine, whatever program i use. My room temperature is freezing, i don't use my central heating hardly at all, so my room is very cold, when it snows, it's like half or a quarter of the temperature of outside. The cpu fan is set to stop if the temp reaches below 25 and the other temps, exactly the same. 25 all the way down. The second time i turned it on when i got back, i held down an arrow key (by accident, the fan continued to spin, so reset it and held down del to get back into bios, and did the same thing. This is really confusing :S
  6. ok, i'll try that, but i still don't know what to change in the bios that changes the cpu speed :s is it the fsb bus frequency?
  7. the computer will still boot, without the fan spinning. :S i have witnessed it actually getting into windows without the fan spinning. I am talking about the cpu hsf, not the chipset.
  8. i've tried everything you guys have suggested. But it did it again. I turned it off in the morning about 9 and get back from job centre thingy about 3 or 4, turn it back on and it still stops after 10 seconds, right as it gets to the logo screen. I've set all the temps in BIOs under "pc health" as 25, and tried that smart guardian, which worked fine this morning, but the boot.... uh uh *shakes head*
  9. it's definetly not the chipset fan, i look inside and can even see it slowing down and the led inside it keeps changing it's brightness. Is there a way of capping its rpm?
  10. how do i change the cpu speed? i've read the overclocking pdf, but i don't understand it :s do i have to change the cpu voltage? and then the fsb bus frequency? atm it's running at stock speeds. Cpu core voltage= 1.35v and fsb bus frequency is 200.
  11. That extra molex (4 pin) has to be connected? and also, the fan now spins better now that i have changed the temperatures, but now it rapidly and very very frequently changes rpm, you can even hear the changes in rpm very clearly, is this normal? It's almost like it is howling :S
  12. Think so, but not 100% sure, though i know they are these, http://www.geilusa.com/proddetail.asp?linenumber=37#
  13. Thankyou for your quick reply, do i disable "Cool'n'Quiet Support/MAX FID"? or enable it? because so for it is set as "disable".
  14. Anyone knowone know good stable and overclockable timings for the following ram? I had one stick in my motherboard, then after a while put the other stick in and during boot, got the big blue screen, and so just simply does not boot. I have even put the cmos setting on safe/ fail safe settings, which doesn't work, so the only timings that just barely work, are 2-2-2-6...-8 or something :S (not very good with timings). Running along with an AMD Athlon 64 3700+ @stock speed, but would like to try overclock it to 3ghz, if it can do it. 2x512 Geil pc440 (ddr550)
  15. hi, i have a small problem with my hsf. i brought an amd system a couple of months ago, and during the first few weeks, i turned on the computer, and the fan won't spin after about 5-10 seconds, so i hold down the power button and power it up then it will continue to spin normally.I solved this problem after a while, by removing an extra molex connector at the bottom on the motherboard, which i'm guessing for to give the motherboard more power, for sli use. At this present time, the fan has been stopping more and more often. I'll shut the computer down in the morning, boot it up again in the evening, and it's take about 5-10 pushes of the power switch (to restart it), until it spins right. :S So naturally, i'm just wondering if anyone knows, or can guess what is happening here? Because as far as i know, it shouldn't be doing that, i fear it will bring my cpu closer to its day of reckoning.
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