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  1. Hi thanks for that I too have it in the last slot (the botton one away from the PCIe)
  2. Hi all Just got a X-FI Xtreme Music card, and i plugged it in , downloaded latest drivers and installed those, worked fine, then the sound went off, then after about 5 reboots, i get a hissss, after more reboots it comes back, now its off again ive tried reinsalling the drivers over and over again does this board not like this sound card? is there a fix? any help appriciated cheers
  3. thanks for the links will give them a read! it might be stable, but i alwas tweak the bios so it is running at Optimum performance, i just paid £250 for this board and GFX so i want to get the most out of it! Also , BIOS updates, which one do i need? dont understand the download page on what one is correct thanks
  4. Hi all I am a new proud owner of a DFI Lanparty UT Ultra-D NF4 board my system spec: DFI Lanparty Ultra-D HIS Radeon X1950 PRO 256Mb (PCIe) Geil Dual Kit of 2Gb A64 3000+ Venice 250 Gb SATA-II 17" CRT Monitor my computer is stable, but i just want to set the bios up corectly, for instance most is on AUTO at the moment, and DDR is @ 333 not 400 ? not sure what things mean, the manual is useless as always Any help much appriciated
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