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  1. ...with the Expert is that it is a pain in the backside to set up simply because there are SO MANY options available to set up memory. Once you get it set up though, hang on tight!!! I am really suprised someone hasn't chimed in already and offered that the PSU is on the weak side for this motherboard and to make sure you have all the power connections plugged in. And yes, use the orange slots! My own experience with PC4000 memory on this board is that it requires the DRAM drive strengths to be set relative to your memory. I have a 2GB kit of Mushkin Redline and a 2GB kit of Crucial Ballistix that I play with on this board, not at the same time of course. Neither will run with any stability at DDR500 settings unless the DRAM Drive Strength is set to Level 7 and the DRAM Data Drive Strength is set to Level 3(-15%). The only other thing I can think of is to clear the CMOS and set the BIOS up from scratch for that memory. And don't use any CMOS Reloaded settings from another BIOS or other memory. Hope you work it out, it's a great, fast board! ssbf John
  2. I broke down and ordered another kit of the Mushkin XP4000 Redlines. It arrived yesterday. I am very happy to report that this kit of 991493 is working fine. It's tooling along at 250Mhz @ 2.6v. It's passed 200% of MemtestHCI, one pass of Memtest+1.70, and one pass of Windows Memory Diagnostic. Not that this is a real hardcore test of memory stability but my last kit wouldn't have passed. Using Mushkins recommended basic memory settings I was able to increase the speed to 264Mhz @ 2.6v before SuperPi 1M had it's first error. ssbf John
  3. Kingfisher, I didn't think you were being a smart guy; I laughed!! The first set worked OK at DDR500. I did have a little difficulty getting them set up but the guys at the Mushkin forum helped me out. I started having problems above 260MHz. after about a week. As I tried to adjust the BIOS settings I would get errors in SuperPi and Memtest. It wasn't long before I had errors at stock settings. The second set had errors at stock settings right from the start. I even set even thing to Auto except the BIG Four and received errors in SuperPi. I ordered a third set of Redlines from NewEgg and they will be here Tuesday. If I have any problems I will take you up on your offer for help. This has been very frustrating as I have a 1Gb set of Mushkin Black PC3200 that OCs to 250Mhz and a 2Gb set of OCZ Platinum PC3200 that does 240MHz in my system. But I hope the third time is the charm! ssbf John
  4. Hi Everybody! I have now recieved a second kit of 2X1GB Mushkin Redline XP4000 memory with a bad stick. Newegg RMAd the first one and now the second set is bad also. If I wanted to switch to another manufacturer for a kit of 2X1GB DDR500 memory what would you recommend? What you recommend for DDR400 memory that I could OC to DDR500 speeds? Thanks for your input! ssbf John
  5. :eek: Hi Kingfisher, You are 100% correct and I wasn't expecting a technical, black and white, definitive answer. I do know a little bit about apples and oranges. I recently had a great learning experience with an E4 A64 4000+ and an E6 A64 4000+. I should have worded my post more carefully. I was only looking for any individual experiences with the two very similar processors rather than any easy way out of doing the leg work myself. ssbf John
  6. I was a real nice guy and put my 4800+ in my wife's machine and put my single core 4000+ back in my machine. I can definitely tell the difference in benchmarking with the single core processor. Last night I ordered an Opteron 180 from The Egg as the 4800+ has all but disappeared. Here's my question. I game and OC while my wife does simple CAD and graphics. For my gaming and OC work should I take the Opteron or give it to her and take back my 4800+? ssbf John
  7. OSA165DAA6CD (OSA165CDBOX) AMD Dual-Core Opteron 165 1024KB(2x) 1800MHz socket-939 1.30-1.35V 110W http://www.amdgeeks.net/processor/OSA165DA...ore-Opteron-165 ssbf John
  8. Further proof that most computer problems are the operator and not the machine. I overlooked the DRAM strenght settings in the BIOS. I plugged in the Mushkin recommended 7-3 combination and the rest is history. Problem solved and an unneccessary RMA avoided. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, CPDMF! ssbf John
  9. After a day of troubleshooting it seems my Mushkin memory doesn't like the E6 stepping AMD processor. I started with a new BIOS and set everything up fresh. I did get the E6/Mushkin combo to start and run Windows at 250x10. It was not stable and MemTest and SuperPi has lots of errors or freezes even with everything in the BIOS set to AUTO. Even Mushkin recommended settings were unstable. I then tested each stick of memory seperately and found that one stick was weak. I then installed an X2 3800+, E6 stepping and got very similar results. The last thing I did was to reinstall my original processor which is an ADA4000DAA5BN, E4 stepping. All the errors and freezes went away. MemTest and SuperPi had no errors. I was able to tighten up the memory settings in the BIOS and picked up .75 seconds on SuperPi. I have a couple of questions: 1) Is it unreasonable to expect the Mushkin memory to work at DDR500 with the E6 stepping processor? 2) Should I RMA the memory anyway? Thanks for any advice or suggestions! ssbf John
  10. :confused: Because they are dirt cheap right now I picked up a second AMD64 4000+ processor. My original one is an E4 and this one is an E6. I installed it in my system and started things up just to make sure it wasn't DOA. Everything thing seemed OK until I loaded the CMOS that has the FSB running at 250MHz and the CPU on a 10X multiplier. Here's the issue I am experiencing. The system starts and makes it through the POST and through the XP splash screen. At this point it does one of three things: 1) locks up, 2) BSOD with a STOP: 0x0000007E error, or 3) BSOD with an IRQ LESS THAN OR EQUAL TO error. I haven't changed anything else in the system. I did flash the BIOS with no change. Memory is installed in the orange slots. Is this something to do with the E6 revision or is something else going on? Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! ssbf John
  11. Thanks for all the suggestions! I have the computer up and running, and running well, although I still have the problem. The only time it happens is when I shut the computer off using the power button on the case or the motherboard after it has locked up. These lock ups are from using A64 Tweaker to find the limits of my memory. All the lights on the motherboard and the fans come on for about five seconds and then it shuts itself off. It never makes it to any of the normal boot screens not even the video card display. If I remove power from the the system using the spike bar or the power switch on the PSU it will start right up. If I use the reset button the system restarts normally. Any ideas? Yeah, I know just don't use the power button to shut off the computer when it locks up. ;-} I am going to wire my multi-meter into the 24-pin connector on the motherboard. I will watch the voltages as the system starts up normally and after a lock up; maybe this will show me something.
  12. While setting up my new SLI-DR Expert I ran into a situation I have never experienced before. I had installed the motherboard in the case and plugged everything in to start it up to make sure it would boot etc. It started with no problems and made it into XP. With that I shut it down and disconnected all cables to rearrange everything neatly in the case. Once everything was rerouted, reconnected, and secured I started it up again with no problems. With that I began tweaking. Somewhere in the process I shut it off completely and when I restarted the computer the motherboard came on for about five seconds and then shut down. It never made it to the boot screen. This morning I rechecked all my connections and tried again. It booted and I made it into the BIOS and then when I restarted it she shut down again after about five seconds never making it to the boot screen. I have cleared the CMOS and that hasn’t made any difference. I have never experienced this before. Any ideas what this might be? My plan of attack is to remove/disconnect everything except the CPU, memory, video cards, and power connections and see if I can get to the BIOS. Then I will start connecting components one at a time to see if I can isolate the problem. Any suggestions or improvements I could make to this troubleshooting process? Thanks in advance for any advice!
  13. Hi All, I have an itch to upgrade my system memory. There seems to be a good selection of kits out there so I thought I would ask for your advice or experience with what I have in mind. Right now I have an OCZ 2Gb dual channel kit of Platinum PC3200. I would like upgrade to PC4000 memory. I am thinking of the following kits to replace them with. In no particular order: Mushkin Redline, Crucial Ballistix, Corsair XMS, or some more OCZ. Any thoughts, suggestions, advice, your experiences, etc. will be greatly appreciated. Thanks! John
  14. Hi Kingfisher, Thanks for the reply! I'm using the Nvidia CP with the Coolbits3d registry tweak. I did see the performance increase. I was concerned that I wasn't getting all that was available when I saw the Everest readings. ssbf John
  15. :confused: Everest Ultimate 2006 is telling me that my two video cards are operating at two different core and memory speeds. GPU1 is indicating the mild overclock speed of 615/1530 while GPU2 is indicating a stock speed of 565/1430. Is this a glitch in Everest or is this normal? Is there any other software available that will show the clock speeds of each video card. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! ssbf John
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