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  1. Yeah the power supply was a Roswell 300w that came with another case so it was pretty crappy. I forgot to check it before swapping out the motherboards. The motherboard LED still shows u if I plug it into the DFI, but I can't power up either the DFI or the old motherboard now. Is it possible that the PSU is dead then?
  2. I was trying to switch out my brother's old motherboard with my DFI Lanparty nF4 Ultra-D,and I forgot to check the PSU. He turned it on and it made some beeps, then he turned it off, so I switched everything back to the old motherboard and the system wouldn't turn on. The power button did nothing, I checked all the mobo-case connections and they were all fine still the power button did nothing. Is it possible that the NF4 ultra-D could have somehow killed my old PSU?
  3. Hmm, weird I wonder why I didn't see that one the other day, maybe it was out of stock then, idk. But supposedly this board should have a bunch of options too.
  4. Like I said, I wasn't expecting much, but I was hoping there'd be some kind of control. This board: http://www.newegg.com/product/product.aspx...N82E16813131234 Should be coming tomorrow, now I' going to have to go through the whole process again lol here we go... I would have bought a more expensive board to begin with but I haven't had a job since September... The only reason I could afford this stuff is because of my tax refund.
  5. yes I see all four but the other Phenom Boards I'm seeing are 2600 MHz HT(5200MT) I'm going to do an RMA and get a board with one of those HT's. Plus this board kind of sucks too, there are literally NO OC settings whatsoever. I kind of figured there wouldn't be much, but none? Come on.
  6. Oh, crap, is it possible that I may have gotten the wrong kind of board? I mean it says it's compatible with Phenom, but I'm seeing that Phenom's are supposed to have a HT of 2600 MHz (HT 3.0) and this board is only doing 1000 MHz. Could this be the reason I'm getting poor performance? http://www.newegg.com/product/product.aspx...N82E16813135074
  7. ok, this is frustrating. I did this upgrade because I wanted faster render times in my3d modeler (blender 3d). I rendered a scene before the upgrade, at full 1920x1080 HD. Before the upgrade it took about 7.5 minutes, now its taking like 16 minutes. I did change the thread count from 2 to 4. Could there be a reason an upgrade that should have nearly doubled my speed is only going half as fast as my original?
  8. it was vista, but it was there after a reboot. I think it had something to do with activation
  9. I finished the upgrade process and everything is up and running fine. For the most part. For some reason Windows is only seeing 2 GB right now, instead of 4 GB.
  10. its still doing the upgrade process. I don't think anyone should ever have to so a fresh install unless they want to. If you're fine with reinstalling all your apps all the time then go right ahead and do a fresh install with every upgrade, but I like to install a lot of programs, I like to have my programs customized to my liking, and I don't like setting that all up over again. I decided to do a fresh install when I installed vista because I had heard a lot of issues happen when upgrading windows. I personally never have had issues in the past but I could see where they come from. But after I did a fresh install I spent nearly all my time for the next several days and weeks installing my old software. I wasn't really able to just enjoy vista right after install. That's my main problem with it, I'd rather just enjoy my new hardware or OS instead of sitting there forever getting all my software and settings back.
  11. I think I may have found a way to get rid of the bsod, similar to the "repair install" feature of xp, only harder. I reconnected my old Moho and booted back into vista. Then I insterted the vista DVD and chose upgrade. Its still going but as soon as it restatts I will power off, reconnect the new Mobo and let it continue the "upgrade" with the new hardware. This should work, since a repair install always worked in so with a mobi upgrade.
  12. well I did the upgrade and Xp is running fine, but I do seem to have a problem in vista. I'm getting the stop error 7b bsod during startup. I'm going to try the automatic repair on the DVD. Any other suggestions?
  13. Just because drivers are still on the hard drive doesn't mean they are in use. When you install a new driver, it only uses the driver you installed, it doesn't use both the new one and the old one. I install new graphics card drivers and sound card drivers all the time, are you trying to say that causes instability? I don't think so.
  14. It's not risky, if it doesn't work I can still do a clean install, but I'd rather not have to, I have over 150 programs installed on vista and probably over 50 in XP, not including system updates, I would just like to bypass the hassle of installing all of them over again. The thing is, these are going to be compatibility drivers only during the switch of the board, if all is successful and Windows boots, I will reinstall better performance driver either from a driver disc from the motherboard provider or from the internet, stability shouldn't be an issue. I should be doing this tomorrow so I'll update on how successful/unsuccessful it was. Thanks for everyone's help.
  15. Looks pretty good, and at least should be good for xp, if not vista as well (I don't see why not) I really hope this works, because I really don't want to reinstall everything, that'd take forever.
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