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  1. yes.. but the board only work in SLI mod.. if i put in normal mod.. dont work.. dont boot. work only if i put in sli mod. http://www.diy-street.com/forum/showthread...=dfi+pci-e+work
  2. HI. Use the system of the signature and I have a problem with the Pci-e. If I place the VGA (x1800xt) the computer not boot. If I change jumpers for position SLI, I function in a good one in first slot, only that 8x. Bug with the DFI seems to be one… but I wanted to know: he has some way of this decided being? Use a CoolerMaster iGREEN 500w, with all connectors plugged. And the lastest bios DFI site.
  3. had not yet understood the situation…. well. I already obtained to identify the problem. I am only analyzing what case can be made in this.
  4. NEWS: when i put the Opteror in the socket and close the bracket to lock it the light gets weak and the system doesnt start.. i did this way? closed the bracket and the light got weaker.. so i opened the bracket and the light got stronger again (normal) and so.. i closed the bracket again.. and the light continued strong and.. the system UP... but if i power off the computer.. the led's back and i must do the procedure below.
  5. Ok. I obtained a power supply of the OCZ of 600w. e exactly thus the system did not initiate. problem occurred the same. It seems that this never happened before. I go to try to change of Bios. please Somebody can indicate me, best the bios for Opteron 165/170?
  6. ok ok signature refresh hi crustaceo so it forgets power supply… I am with the computer of the signature makes 1 year. e I do not have problems with it nor with the power supply that I am using. the problem only occurred now that I bought the Opterons.
  7. I bought 2 opterons. I have a Venice @ 2700mhz in my DFI functioning normally. But if I place some Opteron not boot the computer. Led loses luminiosidade when I bind to the computer in the energy with opteron in socket… this does not happen with the installed venice. I Wanted some tip of what he can be fact, therefore 2 Opteron with defect I am impossivel and the remaining portion of my Computer is functioning normal at this accurate moment. I am using the latest BIOS of the site of the DFI and a SevenTeam powersupply 420w It forgives for bad English. Ths
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